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If playing the game on a Japanese PS4, take note that in all regions' versions of the game, the actions associated with Cross button and Circle button in the menus are reversed; Circle button confirms choices as opposed to canceling them. All other controls remain the same.


Control Action
Options button Open pause menu
Touchpad button Open map
Neutral rstick Look around map
L2 button R2 button Zoom in/out of map
Cross button Set waypoint
L1 button R1 button Switch tabs


Control Action
Neutral lstick Basic movement
Hold R2 button Run, swing (in mid-air), parkour (over obstacles on the ground)
Cross button Jump
Hold R2 button + Cross button, then release Cross button Charged jump (must be unlocked)
Cross button in mid-air Web zip
L2 button + R2 button Zip to point (when viewing a highlighted point)
L2 button + R2 button, Cross button Point launch (must be unlocked)
Hold R2 button near/on wall Wall run
Cross button during wall run Vertical wall jump
Circle button near building corner Wall cornering (to transition from wall running to swinging)
L2 button while crawling on ceiling Ceiling hang
Up lstick, Down lstick during ceiling hang Ascend toward ceiling/descend from ceiling
Triangle button + Circle button + Neutral lstick Air tricks (must be unlocked)


Control Action
Square button Basic attack
Square button, Square button, Square button, Square button Basic combo
Triangle button Web strike (zip to target and attack)
Hold Triangle button Yank enemy (can yank shields and weapons with appropriate skills unlocked)
R1 button Use gadget (can be used to web up enemies if tapped repeatedly with web shooter equipped)
Hold Triangle button after webbing up enemy Web throw
Hold L1 button, Neutral rstick Switch gadget
Circle button Dodge
Square button, Circle button Dodge under enemy (useful against shields)
Circle button near wall, Square button Off the wall attack
Square button, hold Triangle button Throw
Hold L1 button + R1 button Throw objects (can also be used to yank down certain parts of the environment, such as scaffolding)
Hold Square button Air launcher
Square button, Square button, Square button, Square button after air launcher Air combo
Square button, Cross button Leap off enemy (for quick escapes)
Hold Square button in mid-air Swing kick
Square button + Cross button Ground strike (can be done after jumping from any height; must be unlocked)
Triangle button + Circle button Finisher (when Focus bar is full)
Down dpad Heal (dependent on amount of Focus obtained)
L3 button + R3 button Activate suit power