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Neighborhood Watch
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Neighborhood Watch
Complete all Faction Crimes in a district

Crimes are unlocked after clearing the story mission Keeping the Peace, and will occasionally pop up on the map as red caution symbols. Different types of crimes are unlocked through additional story missions, as is detailed below. Each type of crime from each type of faction is coupled with bonus objectives that reward additional Crime Tokens upon completion. A set number of faction crimes must be completed in order to 100% that district, and this must be done in all districts to 100% the game and receive a gold trophy.

Below are the different types of factions and the crimes associated with them, as well as their bonus objectives which allow you to maximize your Crime Tokens.


Crime Bonus Objectives Notes
Armed Robbery Web 3 enemies to walls Web Throw 3 objects at enemies These crimes take place inside stores; Spider-Man can enter via busted windows, or attack from outside to lure them away. Throwable objects for the second objective can only be found outside. Enemies can also be webbed to cars for the first objective.
Assault Web Throw 3 objects at enemies Achieve a combo of 10 or more Thugs can sometimes be found ganging up on one person in overwhelming numbers. They'll only notice Spider-Man once he comes near, so use the initial confusion to your advantage (as well as well-timed dodges) to assist in completing the second objective.
Break-In Web 3 enemies to walls Attack 3 enemies from behind Enemies crowding around a door in an otherwise isolated area is the telltale sign of a break-in. The first bonus objective is straightforward, and for the second, dodge under three enemies by pressing Circle button mid-combo.
Drug Deal Web Throw 3 objects at enemies Perform 3 Dodge Under moves Drug deals are marked by a meeting between a large group of enemies near a car which contains a trunk full of money. The bonus objectives are straightforward enough so that they may be completed easily.
Hit and Run N/A N/A A hit and run consists of no interference from enemies, as the reckless driver has disappeared by the time that Spider-Man arrives at the scene of the crime, which has the appearance of a massive traffic accident. As such, there are no bonus objectives. Rescuing all civilians will clear the crime and Spider-Man will promptly be rewarded with a Crime Token.
Kidnapping Web Throw 3 objects at enemies Web 3 enemies to walls A kidnapping begins with a red radius on the map indicating the range of the victim's potential location. A ticker in the corner of the screen shows a distance which indicates how close Spider-Man is to the victim; a decrease in the number is an indication that Spider-Man is getting closer. The arrow which points to spots on the circle that are highlighted blue assists in determining direction. Once the victim is found (in the trunk of a car), some enemies will attack, in which case you can work on completing the bonus objectives.
Mugging Achieve a combo of 10 or more Use Air Launch on 3 enemies A mugging is the very first crime taken on in the game, in the story mission Keeping the Peace. It is similar in appearance to an assault, with a gang of criminals surrounding one victim. Move from enemy to enemy performing air launches, and dodge to maintain a combo that satisfies the bonus objectives.
Stolen Vehicle Stop the car without taking damage Force the car to stop safely A task similar to this is taken on in the story mission Wheels Within Wheels. Dodge the shots from the passengers of the vehicle and then return to attack them. Dodge every shot successfully to clear the first bonus objective, and press Square button repeatedly as soon as all enemies are defeated. If this is done speedily enough, the car should be stopped safely, clearing the second objective.


Demon Crimes are first unlocked after the story mission Financial Shock. Those that involve Sable agents are unlocked after the Out of the Frying Pan... story mission.

Crime Bonus Objectives Notes
Checkpoint Assault Web Throw 5 objects at enemies Perform 2 Finishers This crime requires the defeat of both Demons and Sable agents, giving you ample time to build up the Finishers required for the second objective. The first objective is straightforward, as Sable checkpoints will usually be found on the street where many throwable objects can be found.
Demon Ambush Perform a combo of 20 or more Perform 10 Swing Kicks These crimes can be found on rooftops, where the attacking Demons are equipped with rocket launchers and machine guns. The first objective requires a good amount of dodging and the second requires the purchase of the Swing Kick skill. You may need to clear the bonus objectives on separate occasions, seeing as Swing Kicks may knock enemies off the rooftops.
Demon Armored Car Achieve a combo of 10 or more Use Air Launch on 4 enemies This crime is straightforward; a large group of Demons surrounding an armored car must be attacked to begin. Make sure to use the Air Launch four times and maintain a decent combo to clear the bonus objectives.
Demon Bomb Threat Complete crime within 3 minutes Knock or throw 3 enemies off the building The second objective pertains to the first phase of the crime, in which a large group of Demons must be defeated. The first objective pertains to the second phase, which begins after completing a circuit project at a marked station. The timer will then begin, requiring Spider-Man to reach some more marked stations containing bombs that must be defused (though no other circuit projects are necessary).
Demon Hostages Perform 4 Stealth Takedowns Web Throw 5 enemies at other enemies These crimes are similar to the Stealth Challenges provided by the Taskmaster, and must be approached very cautiously for a chance at clearing the first objective. In order to clear the second objective, you must web up an enemy with the Web Shooters and then grab them for a Web Throw (for which the Web Throw skill must be purchased).
Demon Shootout Web Throw 5 objects at enemies Perform 20 aerial combo hits A task similar to this is taken on at the beginning of the story mission Up the Water Spout..., and requires Spider-Man to assist police officers in a shootout against Demons. This crime is straightforward, as are the bonus objectives; start searching for objects that can be thrown, then stun the enemies to make the second objective more manageable.
Demon Truck Bomb Force the truck to stop safely Web the bomb in midair after tossing it This crime is similar to the Stolen Vehicle in that Spider-Man must pursue a truck and attack the driver. The first bonus objective is a reflection of that, though there is a catch; a bomb in the back of the truck must be defused before it explodes. Defeat the enemies before the timer runs out, then press R1 button repeatedly after tossing the bomb to web it in midair, successfully completing the second objective.
Demon v Sable Roof Air Throw 3 enemies Electrify 3 enemies at once The second objective is meant to assist Spider-Man in dealing with the Sable agents in this crime, as their armor can be disabled with a hit from an Electric Web. For the first objective, perform an Air Launch to launch an enemy into the air, then follow them up with Square button and throw them with Triangle button while in midair. This can also be done following an Air Yank.
Demons vs Sable Web 4 enemies to a wall Use Air Launch on 4 enemies Yet another Demon crime involving Sable agents that also must be defeated, the two bonus objectives can be accomplished while fighting any of opposing factions. With luck, they'll be too distracted fighting each other to begin dealing with Spider-Man until it's too late.


Crimes done by escaped prisoners are first unlocked after the Out of the Frying Pan... story mission.

Crime Bonus Objectives Notes
Convict Breakout Web 5 enemies to a wall Web Throw 3 enemies at other enemies The distinguishing factor of this crime is the appearance of a police vehicle, which the convicts break out of while in transit. Have the Web Shooters or Web Bomb ready for the first objective, as well as the second; once they're webbed up, either shoot/punch the enemies into walls or grab them and throw them into the others.
Convict Joyride Complete in 2 minutes Stop the crime without taking damage Like the Stolen Vehicle, a Convict Joyride must first be tracked and followed until Spider-Man can get close enough to attack. Their heavy equipment makes this more difficult, as they freely shoot back at Spider-Man. Dodge whatever gunfire comes your way to satisfy the second objective, but do it with enough speed to satisfy the first objective.
Convict Rampage Perform 5 Air Throws on enemies Perform 10 Swing Kicks A Convict Rampage consists of some convicts wreaking havoc in the streets, starting fires and destroying private property. The Swing Kick skill must be purchased to clear the second objective, and for the first objective, perform an Air Launch to launch an enemy into the air, then follow them up with Square button and throw them with Triangle button while in midair. This can also be done following an Air Yank, which also must be purchased.
Convicts Fleeing Complete crime within 2 minutes Force the SUV to stop safely This is another pursuit crime, and just like the Convict Joyride, requires Spider-Man to keep up with the SUV well enough so that he's able to stop it within two minutes. Just as with the Stolen Vehicle crime, the SUV must be stopped safely by pressing Square button rapidly once the driver is taken out; this is the only way to accomplish this.
Food Convoy Raid Web Throw 5 objects at enemies Achieve a combo of 20 or more Another straightforward crime, with the only distinguishing factor being that the convicts are attempting to stop a convoy bringing food to civilians in need. Find throwable objects to complete the first objective, and dodge regularly for the second. Gadgets and suit powers may also come in handy in stunning big groups.
Hostage Ransom Web Throw 3 enemies Perform 20 aerial combo hits When convicts take control of a bus full of innocent civilians, only their defeat is required to rescue the hostages. The two objectives are simple enough, though the second may prove difficult due to long-range weapons and overwhelming numbers; use gadgets regularly to aid you, and Air Launch enemies to bring your air combo up. Keep in mind that Spider-Man can also dodge in midair.
Police Under Fire Perform 4 Stealth Takedowns Knock 4 enemies off roofs This crime is similar in structure to the Demon Shootout, requiring Spider-Man to assist police officers under attack by convicts. Perform Stealth Takedowns while the convicts are distracted by the police officers for the first objective, and lure enemies to roof edges for a shot at knocking them off and completing the second objective.


Crimes done by Sable agents are first unlocked after the Out of the Frying Pan... story mission, though they first make their presence known in the city following the Dual Purpose story mission.

Crime Bonus Objectives Notes
Sable Ambush Perform 7 Swing Kicks Perform 20 aerial combo hits These bonus objectives may be made easier by the Sable agents that use jetpacks to hover in the air, making air combos and Swing Kicks practical means of combating them. However, they are also much more dangerous than the average soldier, and should first be softened up with Electric Web. First perform enough Swing Kicks to satisfy the first objective, then dodge regularly as you attempt the second, as their gunfire can easily disrupt a combo.
Sable APC Patrol Electrify 5 enemies at once Web 3 enemies to a wall The electrification of Sable agents becomes the norm when facing them, as it is a surefire way to disarm them of their tough armor. As soon as a group exits the vehicle, make sure to shoot an Electric Web, as it will stun the entire group before they are even given the chance to spread out. When attempting the second objective, shoot Web Shooters at the previously-stunned enemies, as Web Shooters are ineffective against Sable agents who have not already had the hard shells of their armor removed. Also keep an eye on the vehicle, as a turret sitting on top of it should first be tossed so that it doesn't fire at Spider-Man while he faces off against the agents.
Sable Checkpoint Electrify 5 enemies at once Achieve a combo of 20 or more These checkpoints scattered around the city give it the appearance of a police state, and Spider-Man won't have it. Find a group that's clustered close together to clear the first objective, as an Electric Web will only affect a big group if they're close enough in proximity. For the second, again utilize Electric Webs for a fair chance at catching the agents in a combo.
Sable Lookout Knock 4 enemies off roofs Perform 4 Stealth Takedowns The Stealth Takedowns will require Spider-Man to be crafty with his gadgets, as these rooftop enemies rarely distance themselves from groups. Trip Mines and distraction shots from Web Shooters are necessary tools in manipulating the Sable agents into isolating themselves. Once the enemies are on the alert and the fighting begins, lure agents toward the edge and knock them off the roof for the second objective.
Sable Mass Arrest Electrify 3 enemies at once Perform 6 Air Throws on enemies Again an example of Sable International overstepping their boundaries in the city, Spider-Man can jump in to save the civilians helpless to the might of Sable. Electrifying three enemies at once shouldn’t prove too difficult as long as you have Electric Webs at the ready for trios, and for the Air Throws, try to target enemies with jetpacks that are in the air already.