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This mission is started immediately after finishing the last one. Start by fast-traveling to Peter's apartment by holding Cross button, as instructed. Swing to the waypoint to find the garage of garbage trucks, then approach the door and press Triangle button to have Spider-Man attempt to lift it. Seeing as it's locked, head to the vent on the right side of the building (you can press R3 button for some assistance in finding it) and zip to it to enter. Drop down to the truck and examine the back of it; the flash drive isn't here. Zip back to the vent and out the building as Spider-Man calls the dispatcher for his next destination: Leo's pizzeria.

Search through trash for the all-important flash drive.

Once outside the pizzeria, scan the environment for garbage trucks. The flash drive still can't be found. Spider-Man calls the dispatcher once more for one last location to try: the incinerator. Beat down the thugs here in order to speak to the worker, who informs you that some more thugs might be on their way. Press L1 button + R1 button by the trash bags until Spider-Man's backpack is finally revealed. Once the data from the flash drive is retrieved, you can craft the Web Bomb, a gadget that is very helpful in dealing with crowds. Test it out on the next set of thugs that attacks, and defeat them all for the final objective.

Swing to MJ's apartment for a scene. Though Peter hasn't found a place to crash yet, this marks the end of the mission.