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This next story mission is another short one, as its purpose is the introduction of a new token opportunity.

Follow the waypoint to find yourself on a perch facing the Empire State Building. Peter used to do photography for the Daily Bugle newspaper, and fortunately, he still has a camera handy to capture the sight. Hold L2 button to enter first-person camera mode, then press R1 button when you feel you have a good shot of the building to take the picture. Landmarks can now be found all across the city, though like other token opportunities, you must activate nearby surveillance towers to access their locations. These landmarks include those that can be found in real-life New York City and those that exist only in the Marvel universe's take on New York City. Regardless, these are some of the easiest tokens to collect, so make sure to snap pictures whenever you come across landmarks on the map (as indicated by the tower icon).

Shortly after snapping the picture, you'll receive a call from Martin Li. You have some time to explore the city before the next story mission, so try to activate as many surveillance towers as you can in order to gain access to the locations of crimes, landmarks, backpacks, bases, and side missions.