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Superior Spider-Man
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Superior Spider-Man
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Skills are split into trees under three categories: Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger. Skills must be purchased using skill points obtained from leveling up, and can only be purchased if the preceding skills have been purchased. The order in which you unlock these skills is heavily dependent on your play style, though you should make sure to give all trees a balanced amount of attention in order to make best use of Spider-Man's skill set.


Web Throw[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Web Throw.png
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Hold Triangle button to grab and throw webbed and electrified enemies. They can be tossed into other enemies or walls.

While the Web Throw is ineffective against shielded enemies and brutes (another skill must be unlocked later to be able to throw webbed brutes), it's a powerful tool against normal enemies, which can then be thrown into brutes in order to stun them. While this skill may be impractical when surrounded by gun-toting enemies, the Impact Web, Electric Web, and Web Bomb gadgets make it much easier to use, though regardless of its uses, unlocking it is necessary in order to access all other skills in this tree.

Hazard Zone[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Hazard Zone.png
  • Prerequisite: Web Throw
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Web Throw knocks enemies down during the wind up, clearing the immediate area.

This skill is, unlike the two beside it, directly dependent on its prerequisite. If you actually make use of the Web Throw, this skill will aid you in its execution immensely. If you don't make use of the Web Throw, this skill should give you the opportunity to do so. Ordinarily, the wind up of a Web Throw leaves Spider-Man vulnerable to surrounding enemies, giving them the chance to interrupt the move before Spider-Man can even get to throwing. Hazard Zone ensures that, gunmen aside, Spider-Man has a much higher chance of actually completing the throw, knocking back a crowd that surrounds him in the process.

Extended Perch Takedown[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Extended Perch Takedown.png
  • Prerequisite: Web Throw
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Increases Perch Takedown range.

If you have trouble getting through stealth segments, or simply prefer to get through them quickly rather than waiting for enemies to get into position, this skill is best purchased early on.

Pistol and Baton Yank[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Pistol and Baton Yank.png
  • Prerequisite: Web Throw
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Hold Triangle button to yank small arms like pistols and batons right out of enemies' hands.

Yanking enemies is on its own, not a very useful move against crowds of enemies, as it only staggers one enemy for a short amount of time. This skill gives the yank much more value, as it can remove small weaponry from a fight completely.

Spin Cycle[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Spin Cycle.png
  • Prerequisite: Hazard Zone
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: When throwing an enemy, rapidly press Triangle button during the throw to continue spinning enemies.

This skill can be useful combined with its prerequisite, as a longer wind up gives you more chances to knock back surrounding enemies. However, this skill doesn't have much use otherwise, so unless Web Throws are your preferred method of attack, save your skill points for more useful skills early on.

Scare Tactics[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Scare Tactics.png

If you find yourself comfortable with stealth takedowns, this skill is suitable for early purchase. Not only can it provide helpful in story missions, but in base takedowns as well; the first round can be done entirely through stealth, while all subsequent rounds are done with the enemies fully aware of Spider-Man's location. If you're able to clear the first round entirely through stealthy means, this skill should give you a head start on the subsequent round, allowing you to perform some preemptive finishers.

Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Rifle Shield and Launcher Yank.png
  • Prerequisite: Pistol and Baton Yank
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Hold Triangle button to yank heavy arms like rifles, launchers, and shields away from enemies.

This skill builds on its prerequisite in that it gives the yank even more power. Rather than having to knock down shielded enemies, rifle-toting enemies, or enemies launching rockets at Spider-Man, you can now transform these enemies into normal enemies with a simple yank. If you get impatient dodging heavy gunfire and rockets, as well as dodging under shielded enemies, this skill is the one for you. This can prove especially helpful on the hardest difficulty, but if you can tolerate the added juggling required for these types of enemies, this skill is best saved for later.

Wrecking Ball[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Wrecking Ball.png
  • Prerequisite: Spin Cycle
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Brute enemies can be grabbed and thrown when webbed, affecting enemies over a wide area.

This appropriately-named skill increases the power of the Web Throw immensely, transforming any brute (which tend to be a nuisance in battle) into Spider-Man's own personal wrecking ball. It is much more useful than it appears, as it essentially brings brutes down to the level of normal enemies. It also allows Spider-Man to knock back a large number of other enemies alongside the brute, including both enemies caught in the wind up and the brute's landing. Use in combination with a Web Bomb or Impact Web to bring a brute down quickly.

Surprise Attack[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Surprise Attack.png
  • Prerequisite: Scare Tactics
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Upgrades Web Strike Takedown move so that nearby enemies are knocked back.

Unless you begin most of your battles in a stealthy manner, this skill isn't very useful. It's made even more unnecessary by the fact that it isn't a prerequisite to another skill. Save it for later unless you enjoy making a flashy entrance.

Yank and Throw[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Yank and Throw.png

This skill, combined with its prerequisites, greatly improves the use of Spider-Man's yank, giving him the ability to take away their weapons and subsequently hurt them with those weapons. While the force with which the weapons hit their holders isn't that strong, it's enough to knock them back, taking them out of the battle temporarily.

Collateral Damage[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Collateral Damage.png
  • Prerequisite: Wrecking Ball
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Thrown objects damage all nearby enemies.

This skill, like Hazard Zone, is useful for crowd control when performing throws. It causes thrown objects to form something of a shockwave, knocking back enemies anywhere close to its landing position. Purchasing this skill as soon as possible is recommended, particularly if you make heavy use of throws (which should be the case if you've purchased the necessary prerequisites).

Rocket Return[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Rocket Return.png
  • Prerequisite: Yank and Throw
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Press L1 button + R1 button to throw rockets back at enemies.

This skill requires quick reflexes, and thus you may need to retrain your fingers a bit to use it. The first instinct when a rocket comes flying toward Spider-Man should be to dodge. This skill gives you a small window to press the designated shoulder buttons instead of Circle button to not only avoid the attack, but to attack back. It can prove useful, but only if you feel you'll be able to use it regularly. Otherwise, it's best saved for later.


Perfect Dodge[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Perfect Dodge.png
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Press Circle button just as your Spider Sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face. Generates bonus Focus.

This skill is incredibly important, and should be one of the very first you unlock. Dodging the attacks of enemies at just the right time, regardless of whether they're striking or shooting, will have Spider-Man counter with a Web Shot that stuns the attacking enemy (as long as that enemy is in range of his Web Shot). Web Shooters do not have to be equipped to pull this off, and even if they are equipped, it won't affect your stock. This skill really shines when Spider-Man finds himself surrounded by large crowds; stunning enemies while remaining defensive becomes especially valuable when pressed for health, and the Focus it generates can help restore any lost health, allowing Spider-Man to get back on the offensive.

Perfect Hit[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Perfect Hit.png
  • Prerequisite: Perfect Dodge
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Press Square button just as an attack lands to generate bonus Focus.

Once this skill is unlocked, you'll likely be able to pull it off randomly while executing combos. If you really want that extra Focus, pay attention to when Spider-Man's hit starts and lands; this can be difficult due to his quickness, but as long as you hit Square button as soon as the attack connects with the target, a glowing blue aura will indicate the acquisition of bonus Focus. This skill isn't as important as the Perfect Dodge, but can be helpful in a more passive way.

Dodge Window[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Dodge Window.png
  • Prerequisite: Perfect Dodge
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Increases timing window for Perfect Dodge and Web Shot Counter, making it easier to accomplish.

After acquiring Perfect Dodge, this is a must-have early on. As helpful as Perfect Dodge is, the window given to accomplish it (immediately before an enemy's attack lands) is small. With this skill, the Perfect Dodge can be accomplished much more often, as perfect timing isn't required to pull it off. As long as a dodge is performed while an enemy attempts an attack, the Dodge Window skill ensures that that dodge is a Perfect Dodge.


Spider-Man 2018 skill Throw.png
  • Prerequisite: Perfect Dodge
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Press Square button, then hold Triangle button to grab and throw an enemy in any direction.

This skill gives Spider-Man another move in his ground-based combat arsenal. After you begin a combo (or mid-combo), Spider-Man can launch enemies away from him in the direction of your choosing (if you aren't close enough to the target, you'll perform a yank instead). If you want to gain distance from enemies or simply spice up your combos, this skill can be useful, but its power pales in comparison to the Web Throw.

Combo Booster[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Combo Booster.png
  • Prerequisite: Perfect Hit
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Improves focus gained at higher combo counts.

With Spider-Man's speed, maintaining a combo isn't difficult; just make sure to make heavy use of Web Strikes (to approach enemies quickly) and dodges (as taking a hit interrupts your combo). As long as your hits follow each other in a short amount of time, the combo will increase, and with this skill, your high combos will be rewarded with Focus for finishers (which can further continue the combo, making Spider-Man invulnerable while he executes the finisher).

Last Stand[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Last Stand.png
  • Prerequisite: Dodge Window
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Slows time just before you take a fatal hit, giving you one last chance to dodge. Can only be used once per combat encounter.

This skill, like its prerequisites (Perfect Dodge and Dodge Window) should be acquired as soon as possible. It is, quite literally, a life saver, particularly during tough encounters (such as boss fights or against large crowds). Dodging every attack that comes your way can be difficult, and unless you watch your health closely, you can't know which hit will be fatal; with this skill, the game does the monitoring for you, though take note that it only activates once every battle.

Ground Strike[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Ground Strike.png
  • Prerequisite: Throw
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: After leaping off an enemy or from air combat press Square button + Cross button to smash the ground with explosive force.

Chances are, whether you find a use for this skill in combat or not, you'll purchase this skill while doing research for one of Harry's research stations. This move acts as a kind of ground pound, and you do not need to be coming off a combo (or even be anywhere near enemies) to pull it off as its description implies. It can be done when jumping from any height, even off of a tall building, and is a great way to start fights against a crowd of enemies, knocking them all back before they can realize what hit them.


Spider-Man 2018 skill Vengeance.png
  • Prerequisite: Combo Booster
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: When below half health, attacks generate Focus faster.

This skill comes in handy when pressed for health, as the Focus that generates from your attacks should be a great help in restoring any lost health. If you enjoy playing dangerously, this skill can assist you in pulling off a good number of finishers, as long as you ensure that Spider-Man's health stays below the halfway point. Otherwise, it serves as a good passive skill that aids Spider-Man when on the defensive.


Spider-Man 2018 skill Payback.png
  • Prerequisite: Last Stand
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Press Triangle button after Perfect Dodging rifle and pistol enemies for an instant takedown.

This skill can be incredibly useful if you remember to use it. The gunfire of rifle and pistol-toting enemies gives you plenty of opportunities to perform a Perfect Dodge, and as long as you go for a Web Strike immediately following the Perfect Dodge, they'll fall instantly (similarly to a stealth takedown).


Spider-Man 2018 skill Epicenter.png
  • Prerequisite: Ground Strike
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Ground Strike has a larger blast that can knock enemies down when used from higher elevations.

If you utilize Ground Strike often, this skill is a way to make the ground pound even more powerful. Make sure to get a good jump off a high building, then watch as the enemies caught in the attack get knocked down. This can be useful when stopping crimes, as a Ground Strike off a building is a good way to knock down a group of enemies before the encounter even begins.

Chain Finisher[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Chain Finisher.png
  • Prerequisite: Payback
  • Cost: 3
  • Description: Immediately perform a second Finisher on basic enemies.

This skill is another that should be purchased as soon as possible; the skills down the center of this tree are most valuable, so as long as you purchase all preceding skills in the center, you should eventually obtain the second finisher. After performing one finisher, you'll have a small window to perform another by pressing Triangle button + Circle button again. If there are no enemies close by, you can try for a Web Strike to hit the second finisher, but to ensure you have time to perform the second finisher, do the first when another enemy is close by.


Swing Kick[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Swing Kick.png
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Hold Square button while in the air to Swing Kick enemies and send them flying.

This is a good way to get air combos going, transition into attacking another enemy following an air combo, or simply separate enemies from their allies. Swing Kicks, like Web Throws, are necessary in completing some base and crime objectives, so it is best acquired early. Acquiring this skill also gives you access to the rest of the tree, which can provide some other useful skills depending on your play style.

Quick Zip[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Quick Zip.png
  • Prerequisite: Swing Kick
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Web Zip a second time without losing altitude.

This skill is useful in maintaining speed while traversing the city (which can come in handy in certain story missions and when attempting the Taskmaster's Bomb and Drone Challenges). Web Zipping is a speedier way to get around the city, but it can only be done once between swings before Spider-Man loses altitude. This skill ensures that a second Web Zip can be performed immediately following the first, allowing Spider-Man to maintain his altitude and thus greatly increasing his speed.

Air Marshal[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Air Marshal.png
  • Prerequisite: Swing Kick
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more Focus.

If you're playing the game right, chances are you'll be using plenty of air combos on basic enemies to keep out of reach of other enemies. This skill lets you take advantage of that, not only making your air combos more powerful than their ground counterpart but also rewarding you with more Focus for executing them. This is a good passive skill to acquire, as it should make your battles go a bit faster.

Air Tricks[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Air Tricks.png
  • Prerequisite: Swing Kick
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Hold Triangle button + Circle button and press Neutral lstick in a direction to perform aerial tricks to earn extra Focus and XP.

Air Tricks serve as a flashy way to earn some XP and Focus, but they don't have much of a purpose beyond that. Simply jump off a tall building after acquiring this skill to see what tricks you come up with. Keep in mind that each of the three directions (up, down, and either side) have two types of tricks; one triggered following one rotation, and another following three rotations. For example, hold Up lstick until Spider-Man completes one rotation to accomplish the Spider Roll trick; hold it for three rotations to accomplish the Dragon Roll trick. Similarly, Left lstick or Right lstick gives you the Flying Helix and the Triple Helix, and Down lstick gives you the Moonsault and Shooting Star.

Point Launch Boost[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Point Launch Boost.png
  • Prerequisite: Quick Zip
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Press Cross button on contact with point to massively boost Point Launch distance.

This skill, like the Quick Zip before it, may come in handy during Bomb and Drone Challenges, where speed is of the essence. Zip to a point that you can target (as indicated by the light circle surrounding some kind of perch - there are many varieties across the city, from streetlamps to the edges of rooftops) and press Cross button as soon as you land to gain a massive boost off that perch with the use of this skill. This can give you a good head start against the clock as opposed to a simple swing, so practice using it to prepare for future challenges.

Air Yank[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Air Yank.png
  • Prerequisite: Air Marshal
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Hold Triangle button while in the air to yank enemies upwards and enable air combat moves.

This skill allows you to continue a combo against different enemies without even touching the ground, giving you a great defensive advantage against groups. Following a successful air combo, simply yank your next target into the air with you and strike away at the helpless baddie.

Quick Recovery[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Quick Recovery.png
  • Prerequisite: Air Tricks
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Press Cross button during a roll after landing to launch back into the air.

This skill offers a good way to keep the momentum of webslinging going, even if Spider-Man hits the ground. Whether landing on the streets or on a rooftop, Spider-Man will put a stop to his momentum with a roll. After acquiring this skill, pressing Cross button during that roll will cause Spider-Man to regain his speed. Like the Quick Zip and Point Launch Boost skills, this is a useful skill to have when pressed for time.

Long Strike[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Long Strike.png
  • Prerequisite: Point Launch Boost
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Increases damage and range of Web Strike.

The Web Strike is an important move in Spidey's arsenal, so this passive skill is no doubt a help, though the effect may not be clearly noticeable. Most of its value comes from the increased versatility it gives Spider-Man, allowing him to zip to enemies even further away.

Bunker Buster[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Bunker Buster.png
  • Prerequisite: Air Yank
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Swing Kick will now knock over shield enemies.

While it doesn't actually do away with the shielded enemies, this skill does give Spider-Man a quick way to deal damage to them, as well as stop them from interrupting his combos. With the acquisition of this skill, you can seamlessly follow-up an air combo with a Swing Kick to a shielded enemy to stagger him, then Web Strike over to finish him off.

Charge Jump[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Charge Jump.png
  • Prerequisite: Quick Recovery
  • Cost: 1
  • Description: Hold R2 button + Cross button while running or standing to build up charge, then release Cross button for a huge leap.

If you don't feel like gaining altitude by swinging or running up a building, the Charge Jump is the answer. Holding the designated buttons will cause Spider-Man to launch up into the air, ready to swing and zip way above the people he serves. This skill certainly isn't necessary, as Spider-Man has the means to reach a high altitude without the Charge Jump, but at the very least, it's an impressive move. Nevertheless, purchasing this skill is an action best saved for later.

Blast Off[edit]

Spider-Man 2018 skill Blast Off.png
  • Prerequisite: Bunker Buster
  • Cost: 2
  • Description: Air Launch attacks knock back nearby enemies. Has a short recharge time between uses.

This skill is even more useful than it appears. The primary purpose of air combos is to separate one enemy from all others, and this skill amplifies the value of air combos in that it makes the Air Launch even easier to perform, separating enemies even before Spider-Man starts pummeling his target in the air.