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This short mission introduces some customization options for Spider-Man, affecting how you'll be battling the game's foes.

The mission begins when Spider-Man notices that his suit is in bad shape. With the intention of repairing the suit at the lab, swing to Octavius Industries. Have Peter swipe his ID at the entrance to enter. You can now work on three more Circuit Projects and two more Spectrographs, but to proceed with the mission, enter Octavius' office as directed by the waypoint and press Triangle button to begin repairing the damaged suit. After the scene, press Triangle button by the computer to check your email. Viewing the attachment will allow you to craft a new suit. Follow the instructions to obtain the ability to craft other suits, as well as suit powers and mods, using the tokens you've collected. Feel free to explore all options available to you before deciding which suit, suit power, and mods best suit your play style.