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The Black Cat collectible can be found on a low rooftop to the left.

Shortly after the previous mission, Spider-Man receives a call from a mysterious figure from his past. Follow the waypoint to a stakeout location for a scene, after which you can press Triangle button near the camera to begin. Your only objective here is to find out what Black Cat was looking at, made clear by a toy cat that she left behind. You can find this cat on a low roof to the left, peeking from behind a door. Zoom in with R2 button for a clear shot, then press R1 button to take a picture. If you're having trouble spotting the cat, move the camera until you see a sparkle.

Cat's Out of the Bag
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Cat's Out of the Bag
Collect a Black Cat collectible

This is the first of twelve Black Cat Stakeouts. Find all twelve to unlock a special suit and uncover Black Cat's mystery. Spider-Man calls Yuri to conclude the mission.