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This mission takes place from the perspective of Miles. Sneak behind the cars toward the waypoint; if in need of a distraction, you can interact with the light nearby to turn it on and grab the attention of the prisoner wandering around that area. Jump over the remnants of a brick wall to make it to the next waypoint, and then behind some boxes to the next. On the wall to the right is a junction box that Miles can interact with to distract the nearby prisoner. Walk past him and keep interacting with electronics to get past the following prisoners. Miles finds no antibiotics at the waypoint, so he must continue searching. Proceed to the next area to find two prisoners, one on the ground and another up high, aiming a gun equipped with a laser. Distract the one on the ground by activating the nearby light and walk under the laser, proceeding to crawl through the overturned car ahead.

Activate this generator to create a path to the exit.

Past the car are two prisoners with flashlights. The antibiotics are right by them, so grab them before they can catch you to trigger a scene. You must now hide from Rhino. Proceed toward the crates ahead and hide behind them while Rhino rampages. He'll pause, at which point you can interact with the light near him to distract him. He'll go rampaging in another direction, giving Miles the opportunity to drop through the door in the floor. Get through the passage and climb the crates ahead.

Continuing along the path, you should spot Rhino again. Hide behind the crates to move up and get to the waypoint, then climb to reach the next. Eventually, you'll be able to drop down another door in the floor. After the scene on the other side, climb up and interact with the forklift to distract Rhino. Proceed to the next waypoint and interact with the generator blocking the path. Rhino will rampage through, creating a path for Miles to use once he leaves the area. Use it to trigger a scene that concludes the mission.