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Players can perform many moves and use many skills as seen in the film, including:

  • Wall Sprint: Spidey can run along vertical walls and even straight up the side of a building. If this skill has been upgraded, the wall running speed will be increased
  • Spider Reflexes: Spidey can use his Spider reflexes during times of danger. When his Spidey reflexes are activated, the rest of the game world slows down, granting Spidey more speed and agility to dodge and attack, his attacks become much stronger and varied, and enemy attacks are easier to spot.
  • Charged Jumps: Spider-Man can jump higher than before. To activate, the player holds down the jump button to charge and releases it to jump. Jumps can be charged to different levels.

The zoom map provides a top-down view of the city centered on Spider-Man, but if Spider-Man reaches a high enough elevation and the zoom map is brought up, it will flip upside down to display the sky.