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Box artwork for Spiker.
Release date(s)
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
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Spiker is a volleyball arcade game that was released by Bally and Sente in 1986; it was the third of the third batch of games to run on their SAC-I hardware, and the players must use two trackballs to direct two men around their respective half of a beach-based court (with two buttons, to make them set the ball and jump). If either of the men sets the ball while they are in mid-air, they will "spike" it - and if one of them should "spike" the other three times in a row, they will get knocked into the sand. As with Bally and Sente's own Off the Wall, the game will end once either player has scored eleven points; a woman wearing a bikini shall then walk into view from the winner's side of the screen, and wave to him, and he'll then walk back off that same side of the screen with her while the loser looks dejected. Also, if only one player is present, the second player's man will be controlled by the CPU.

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