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Spitti's Search
Box artwork for Spitti's Search.
Developer(s) Soenke Rahn
Publisher(s) Soenke Rahn
Release date(s)
Genre(s) RPG
System(s) Commodore 64
Mode(s) Single player
Series The Lord of the Rings
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Spitti's Search (a.k.a. Spittis Search) is parody adaptation to the The Lord of the Rings an the Hobbit on the C64 computer system. The Game was released in 1989 (PD).

A boy with a message dressed in red clothes has passed you a message. Gi has been captured by the bad dragon drake. Your quest is to go through the villages, castle, dark woods and lakes to seek and rescue your girlfriend Gi before the dragon toasts her and has her for a brunch.

Instead of the hobbit the player plays a fat boy, but the scenery shows the way of bilbo baggins, with parts of the way of frodo baggins. The player kills on the end a very simple dragon, which is easy to kill (like smauge in the book the hobbit). The game is a mixture between an arcade game and a rpg. On the other hand on the end of the game Spitti gets his girlfriend back, which looks like Giana of the Game Great Giana Sisters.

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