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Duke it out in the offices of Inkopolis's top game developers! Propeller fans are the focus of this compact map, changing the terrain dramatically when fired upon.


A big element exclusive to this map is the numerous propeller fans. They function the same as their Octo Valley counterparts, shifting platforms whenever they are shot at, then slowly reverting to their original positions if left alone for a while. Propeller fans also generate a bit of ink around them that belongs to the team that shot them, which does damage and can splat foes. Another thing to note is that the entire map is held up on a floor high above the ground, so it is possible to fall to your death around its outer edges, though it's not a major hazard in practice.

Each team's spawn point is located on an elevated platform. Dropping down on to the area in front of spawn, there are three possible routes to take. A ramp leads straight down to the main floor of the map, split into halves by a wall. The left half also leads to a small platform with a propeller fan. Shooting this map leads to a high ledge circling the left path to the middle area, ending in an isolated balcony close to the enemy's primary exit to the center. To the right of spawn is another propeller fan that extends a platform to the far wall, which features another path to the central arena.

From the ramp in front of spawn, players have two wide paths to choose from. On the right is the quickest path to the center, with a wide deck overlooking the main arena. There's a choice of a gradual slope to get on to the deck on the right, or simply inking the short wall along the slope to swim up to the deck. To the left is a more secluded court with a ramp leading to a vantage point viewing the middle region from the side. There are also grates lining the wall on this side. Players who have used the left propeller platform from spawn will pass by this area from the ledge above. It is possible to drop down into this location from the ledge above, but there's no way to return back up.

Ancho-V Games has a fairly flat and open central region, with only a couple of crates around for cover. It is the lowest point on the map, with no inkable walls leading back up to the paths leading into it. This would mean dropping in to the center is a one-way trip, if not for the propeller platforms here. Shooting the propellers will cause huge chunks of the map to rise, granting access to either team's base and blocking line of sight. The platforms themselves have large sections of uninkable wall prior to being raised, with only small strips that players can swim up.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

Splat Zones[edit]

The Splat Zone is predictably in the center of the map, enclosed by the two rising propeller platforms. The route accessible by extending the right propeller platform from spawn has been expanded considerably, while the high ledge reached by the left propeller platform is blocked off midway through, forcing players to drop down. There is a small obstruction placed on the deck of either team overlooking the center. Lastly, a grate has been added to the top of the ramp close to the spawn point.

Tower Control[edit]

The spawn points have been moved entirely in this map, now being placed on a new platform located where the left propeller platform is formally located, leading right to the left ledge. The right propeller platform is now permanently extended and connected to the wall, with blocks that let players swim on to the wall as battlements. The tower begins in the middle, moves toward either team's deck and rises on to it, then moves across the deck as it reaches the 50 point mark. It then wraps around the wall and heads toward the goal in the region in front of the relocated spawn point.


The Rainmaker starts off at the center of the map, on top of the arrangement of boxes. The goal is connected to the right propeller platform visible from spawn, which defaults to being partially extended but can still be pulled out further by firing at the propeller. The crates on either corner of the center have been removed, and there are inkable blocks below each team's deck that lets players get on to it without having to use the rising platforms. The slope in front of spawn continues smoothly on to the lower area instead of terminating abruptly. The left side of that ramp is also redesigned, having more walls blocking access to certain paths. The side area of each team's base was also changed a bit, now having an opening in the wall for another exit into the center as well as a block to reach the high ledge.