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Flounder Heights features a central arena that is higher than the rest of the map, thanks to its tall apartment building running down the middle. With lots of inkable surfaces, there are tons of freedom for creative vertical movement that will help with both strategic approaches and sneak attacks.


Each team's base is built on the rooftops of smaller apartment buildings, with a deadly drop present at the edge of the map. From the spawn point, players are given many choices to advance. There is a raised path to the left, a drop down to a garden straight ahead, a path leading to a balcony to the right that serves as a common sniper perch, and a path to the far right that drops down into the valley between the buildings. Uninkable surfaces line the walls of this base apartment, so the only way in is through the enclosed garden. Between the spawn and center buildings is a long, narrow courtyard, almost like a trench being the lowest part of the map.

The apartment in the middle is naturally the primary area of conflict. It features inkable walls along the entire face of the building, along with a large slope on one side, offering many ways to reach the top. Beside the slope is a staircase like structure that squids can swim up, leading to an area enclosed by two uninkable barriers with a lone box in the middle for cover, which connects to the main roof section. Following the slope up brings players to the central rooftops, a flat area with a cuboid-shaped raised portion that can be swam up. Opposite the raised section is a grate that players from the opposing side can use for ambushes. As one proceeds down the roof toward the very center of the map, there are two mild slopes flanking a flat path that leads to a grated bridge connecting both halves of the roof together. Below the grated bridge is a lower rooftop covered by high walls.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

Splat Zones[edit]

This is a double splat zone map, with both zones located fairly close to each other, on either side of the open rooftop connected by the grated bridge.

Tower Control[edit]

The tower starts off below the grated bridge, moves over the high wall that covers the low rooftop, drops to ground level and moves along the valley until it makes its stop at the inner courtyard of the enemy team's base. A wall and a grate has been added to the sniping balcony for easier access and to stop defenders shooting from the balcony as the tower nears its destination. There is also an inkable block added to provide the attackers access to the left ledge leading out from the spawn point.


The Rainmaker is perched on top of the grated bridge, and has to be brought to the goal at the center of the inner courtyard in front of spawn. There are numerous inkable blocks added to allow the attackers to reach the enemy spawn area, two in the courtyard and one for the ledge in front of the ramp. There is also a wall on the sniper balcony just like in Tower Control. The pillar halfway up the ramp has been heightened for better cover, while the raised blocks in the enclosed rooftop sections have been removed. Lastly, there is a Rainmaker-prohibited zone along the rightmost path from spawn to prevent timer stalling, which causes the Rainmaker's self-destruct timer to count down faster and respawn at its initial position if the carrier is splatted within the zone.