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This resort paradise has two different phases, the initial one changing into its final form at specific thresholds depending on mode. Watch your step, as squid-splatting water is everywhere!


Mahi-Mahi Resort is composed of two stages governed by the water level. It starts off with the water level on high, leaving less land for players to move around, then drops after a set period to reveal more inkable turf and dramatically alter terrain. Either team's spawn area is composed of a large and long deck that is mostly unaffected by the water drop. The spawn point is located on one end, and on the other is the battlements, the raised part of the deck that function as a vantage point and sniper perch. There are three ways to get to the center: hop off on to the small islands beside the main deck, jump off the battlements or use the low path at the very end of the deck, under a grate.

There are a bunch of small islands scattered around the middle area. These wooden platforms don't have a lot of area to ink and the only way between them is to jump across, but beware of falling into the pool surrounding the platforms. The center is vaguely square-ish with a hole in the middle and grates connecting the two paths together. Also in the middle are two high platforms that also serve as common sniping spots. The center also has some cover in the form of boxes and signs.

Eventually, the water level drops and the map becomes very different. The central arena consists of floating platforms, so they drop with the water and remain at ground level, while the wooden platforms are supported by stilts and remain the same height, appearing to have been raised relative to the rest of the map. It also exposes a lot of inkable land, as well as connecting most of the islands with the central arena. The hole in the center is also filled in, and two new tall platforms have emerged, having only one inkable surface favoring the nearer team.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

The water level drops once 90 seconds have passed, revealing a bunch of extra turf as the match nears its end.

Splat Zones[edit]

The single zone is pretty massive, taking up a lot of space on the center arena. The hole between the two sniper platforms has been filled in at the start of the match, and the platforms themselves have partial walls on the sides facing the zone. The water level drops once any team's timer goes below 60.

Tower Control[edit]

Interestingly, the water level drops instantly at the start of the match. The tower is located at the center on top of a pillar, winds over and around the high platforms, descends, then ends its journey in the middle of the defending team's deck, near the grated path. One of the raised islands have been lowered considerably.


The Rainmaker starts off on a raised platform at the center of the map, while the goal is to the left in front of the spawn point. There are many small elements added to the map for added cover and accessibility to certain platforms, the most significant being a ramp for swimming on to the enemy battlements from the center, and more ground at the far end of the wooden deck that connects to the center. A fairly large chunk of ground near one of the large islands was also removed. The water level drops when one team is only 40 units of distance away from the goal, the radius of which is firmly on the defending team's wooden deck.