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Massive rotating art displays are this map's main exhibits. One of the wider maps in the game, there will be plenty of room for movement and combat on the center battlefield.


The team spawns at a far corner of the map, at which point there is a choice between going along the balcony to the left, going on to the flank route to the right and taking the straightforward route down. After dropping down, there is a small rotating display that can be used to get to the grate platforms too high to simply jump to. Further down the path is a wide raised platform with huge art exhibits that rotate periodically, with inkable walls and grate platforms to act as a vantage point. The balcony is a pretty simple platform running behind the rotating exhibits with a long raised platform. There is a flank route that can be reached by going the right path from spawn, or through the small rotating platform, which drops players off to the side of the central arena.

The central area has somewhat complicated geometry. Dropping straight down from the rotating exhibit, one can go up a slope to reach the middle of the map, where there is another rotating exhibit. Dropping off to the left instead lands players on a flat region with a lower region surrounding it. This location is also where the flank route from spawn leads to. This layout is expanded upon in the Splat Zones and Tower Control versions of the map, with a larger flat side area and additional balconies, cover, and battlements.

Mode strategies[edit]

Turf War[edit]

Splat Zones[edit]

The zone is a small rectangle spread out over the center, partially covered by the rotating display. The central arena have been heavily altered for more ways to approach or fight around the zone. The spawn point has been moved to the rotating display close to the former spawn.

Tower Control[edit]

The tower replaces the central rotating display at its initial position. It moves across the flat area beside the large exhibits, then goes over the canal between the display platform and the balcony, terminating right in front of the spawn point. Most of the changes to the map in Splat Zones have been applied here as well, including the relocation of the spawn. There are also two new barriers at the center, parts of the balcony have been walled off, and the outermost chunk of the larger exhibits have been removed to avoid obstructing the tower.


The Rainmaker begins on top of the central rotating exhibit, and the goal is at the rotating exhibit closest to spawn. The map is closer to the Turf War version than the other Ranked modes, though metal blocks have been placed liberally to allow easy access on to many platforms for the attackers. A large part of the balcony have also been walled off from the side of the spawn. The biggest change is that the large exhibits have an entire limb absent, and the exhibits now oscillate back and forth instead of rotating in one direction.