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Agent 3, your top secret mission begins here! The rooftops are only inhabited by weak Octrotroopers, and they are great target practice for getting acquainted with the controls.


Everything right is now wrong again!

The puddle of ink in front of you is a Launchpad, letting you squid jump into the next area. Your first challenge is a trio of Octotroopers, one on top of some crates and two circling the ground. The highest Octotrooper will quickly spot you, but its slow ink projectile is trivial to avoid. The other two lazily ink the ground they move across, and you can take them out without being discovered. Keep a sharp eye out for crates; these usually contain Power Eggs which can be used to upgrade your weapons. You can also use crates as cover or destroy them to expose enemies.

The Octotrooper stays in the picture.

Up the ramp is the first checkpoint! You have three lives per level. Get splatted once and you'll return to the most recent checkpoint. Fall in battle three times and you'll have to replay the level all over again. In front of you is a Shielded Octotrooper. Their shields are immune to your gun, but their backs are exposed. They will turn to face you if they spot you, so sneak behind them in your ink to take them out. Use the Launchpad to squid jump to the next rooftop.

Three Octotroopers stand on three pillars of boxes. All of them will spot you simultaneously if you just charge ahead, so make use of cover and hiding in ink to take them on one-by-one. Scour the arena to get some more Power Eggs before launching to the next area. You've passed another checkpoint and you're up against another Shielded Octotrooper. You can't swim behind it this time, but you can distract it with your bomb. Throw the bomb behind it so that it shields itself against the bomb, then fire at its exposed back.

Launching to the opposite corner of the map, you'll face two Octrotroopers, one with a shield. A gap separates you from them, so put the tactics you've just learned to good use. Hide behind cover, throw bombs to grab their attention, then splat them while they're distracted. On to the next rooftop, where you'll go up against six Octotroopers in close proximity. They are so close together that you can splat several just by attacking head on. They always prioritize bombs, so throw one to divert enemy fire. You can always hide in your ink to break their attention.

In this new area, break the orange box at the end of the corridor to get some armor. This armor effectively grants you an extra life, protecting you from a set amount of damage before breaking apart. If you can keep the armor to the end of the stage, you'll get some extra Power Eggs. Another new feature introduced is the vault. It usually blocks access to a Launchpad, and you need to find the key somewhere in the region. As you swim up the ramp, take out the two Octotroopers on the ledges. The key is on a pedestal behind some crates, circled by four Octotroopers. Use what you've learned so far to eliminate them safely. Bring the key back to the vault and launch to the final checkpoint!

There's another vault here and the key is nowhere to be found. Two Octotroopers are visible, one of which is shielded. The key can be found in one of the orange boxes at the corners. As you return to unlock the vault, you'll be attacked by three Octotroopers, including the new Twintacle Octotrooper! Twice the tentacles, double the danger, and this enemy is both more aggressive than the normal Octotroopers and fire ink in rapid shots instead of slow blobs. However, it is just as susceptible to your typical anti-Octotrooper tactics. Once you get rid of the foes, unlock the vault for the final Launchpad that puts you on the glass platform. Burst the shield with a few shots and grab the zapfish to beat the stage!

Sunken Scroll[edit]

Hidden in each stage is a Sunken Scroll, a collectible that gives some insight about the history and culture of the Inklings and the Octoling conflict. In the area with several Octotroopers circling three stone columns, you can ink the wall of the columns to swim up them. One of the columns have a barrier at the top, so swim to the top of the other shortest column, then ink up the tallest pillar among them. Break the crate at the top to get the Sunken Scroll. This scroll tells of the role of the Great Zapfish and its brethren in Inkling society.


Octotrooper Hideout is available as a stage for all three types of amiibo challenges due to the lack of stages in World 1.

Inkling Girl[edit]

  • 600 Cash Reward

Your Hero Charger outranges every enemy in this stage. You can often take them out from outside of their sight range, so this is a great way to get used to the Hero Charger if you lack charger experience. There are sections with a lot of enemies where it performs worse than the Hero Shot, requiring a more methodical approach to take out foes one-by-one.

Inkling Boy[edit]

  • 600 Cash Reward

The Hero Roller has a harder time spreading ink without getting noticed, so this is a good time as any to learn to ink by flicking. Your main attack is slow but enough to take out Octotroopers safely if you can catch them by surprise. Some parts of the stage like fighting the Shielded Octotrooper can be annoying if you're not familiar with the roller flick's range, but they're beatable with patience.

Inkling Squid[edit]

  • 600 Cash Reward
  • 4:00 Time Limit

This is a timed, infinite Kraken challenge and you're given quite a generous time limit. The Octotroopers pose no threat to you at all. Some areas will force you to return to humanoid form and play normally since the Kraken can't reach them, but otherwise this level is a breeze to clear.