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Bikini Bottom is the main area with the taxi stops, shiny objects, tikis, jellyfish, socks, golden spatulas, and almost everyone in the series with the exception of Ms. Puff and Larry. You can connect to all other areas here. Mr. Krabs can trade Golden Spatulas for Shiny Objects, Bubble Buddy can show you how to use new moves, you can help Sandy or Mr. Krabs get the robots out of the Tree Dome or Krusty Krab, check out the police scanner, and pay 40,000 shiny objects to get into the Movie Theater.


Bikini Bottom may have no robots on the streets, people still need help with the robots and the damage they left.

  • Gary's quest: Find a way to get out of your locked house. May I hint the closet?
  • Squidward's quest: Jump around his house and annoy him.
  • Patrick's sock quest: Bring all of Patrick's 100 socks to him and he'll give you 10 golden spatulas
  • Sandy's quest: Defeat the robot's in here tree dome.
  • Mr. Krabs's shiny objects quest: Bring him a bunch of shiny objects.
  • Mr. Krabs's quest : Defeat all robots in the Krusty Krab.
  • Other quest: Get on top of SpongeBob's pineapple, Shady Sholes, or the Chum Bucket.