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Beginning a new game[edit]

Choosing the diet for your new race.

The main screen of Spore gives an overview of the galaxy. Several stars are highlighted, and each one can be the basis for a new game, with a new race. To begin a new game, click on a star, and follow through the process:

  1. Starting stage (for your first game, the only option will be the Cell Stage).
  2. Diet: either herbivore, or carnivore.
  3. Theme: select a friend from your friend list, and the game will feature more of their creations.
  4. Difficulty level: Easy, Normal or Difficult.
  5. Name your planet: choose a nice name for your planet (there is a randomize button available if you're short of ideas).

Note that it's a good idea to start nearer the centre of the galaxy, as the ultimate goal is to reach the centre. Players starting their game further away from the centre will not be too disadvantaged, though, as wormholes are available as shortcuts between different areas of the galaxy.