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Spore video game space phase screen.jpg

So you've reached the last stage of Spore and the biggest. You only have to zoom out of your planet and your solar system to see just how big the galaxy is and just how small you are. Space is the by a long shot the largest part of the game you'll ever want to play in.

Spaceship Creator[edit]

See Spore/Spaceship Creator

One of the largest editors in the game, the spaceship editor can use all land, sea and air vehicle parts, every economic, military and religious part as well as some new spaceship parts.

Your First Missions[edit]


First you need to know how to control your ship when flying around a planet. It's easy:

  •  ↑   ↓  : Fly
  • PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png : Change altitude
  • PC Mouse Left Click.png : Click on a star and fly to it


Next you'll have to cull some creatures that have picked up a disease. Simply follow the radar to find the creatures and use PC Mouse.png to aim your laser.

Your First Planet[edit]

Soon you'll be ready to explore more worlds. To leave a planet, scroll out until your view changes of the solar system. Your first world to explore contains a crashed spaceship. Fly in and scan the spaceship to pick up an interstellar drive and some proton missiles then head back to your home world.

Your First Solar System[edit]

The spaceship contains charts of another system and another planet. To head out of the solar system, scroll out just like leaving a planet. In this view, you move simply by PC Mouse Left Click.png a star within a certain radius. Initially, this will be 1 parsec but will increase as you expand your interstellar drive. Fly to the planet specified in the mission


Here you'll find a dead civilization that's seemingly empty. However, it isn't. Scan it to trigger an alarm and some drones (who think you're the Grox) will be alerted and attack you. To fight back, you'll need your lasers and proton missiles. Your proton missiles lock on to your target but take some time recharging, while your laser aims at wherever you place your cursor. Destroy the drones then head back home.


Next you'll want to expand to other star systems. To do this, simply fly to another planet with spice on it and then place a Colony Incredi-Pak somewhere near spice vents. For your first mission, you'll receive one for free. For subsequent missions, you'll need to buy your own.


Next you'll need to contact another empire and sell spice to them. To do this fly out until you reach a view of local star systems. From there, hover your cursor over each star. If you see blue circles coming out of the star, it means there's an empire there. Contact them by flying into their star system and clicking on the contact panel. To trade spice with them, click on the trade option and sell spice to them. Fly home to receive a reward.

Subsequent Missions[edit]

Everything you did has been earning you badge points. Each point contributes to your ranking until you reach the level of Omnipotent. From now on, you can do whatever you want, but you might want to ask for missions from the homeworld as they teach you how to use the tools properly.

Planet Colouring[edit]

Your ship is loaded with some planet colouring tools, fly to a planet and use them by selecting the tool and clicking on the planet.


Your ship is loaded with an atmosphere generator and some plants and animals. Fly to the specified planet and drop your generator. It will increase your planets atmospheric level. Next, you'll need to pay attention to the display. Three concentric circles will appear along with a dot outside them. When you use the generator, arrows will appear pointing up. The dot will rise until it enters the first circle. Land your plants first to stabilise the dot then land some animals to keep it within the circle. The three circles represent levels of terraforming with the innermost circle being the most desirable. The further within the circles, the more plants, animals and colonies can be sustained there.

Trade Routes[edit]

Trade Routes function like they do in the civilization stage of the game. Fly to a system, then initiate diplomatic relations. Select setting up a trade route and you're done. Later, the empire will contact you announcing that they are willing to sell the star system to you. Fly to the system and click on the purchase system button that will appear, offer them what you want and you'll either have a new star system or a disgruntled empire.


To make it in this galaxy, you'll need to form an alliance with some other species, to do this fly to a system and ask to form an alliance, they'll either say yes or no. If they say no, offer to do a mission for them. To see whether there's a chance of forming an alliance, hover over their portrait to see the relationship score. If it's high enough, the greater the chance of them agreeing to one. If the face icon is green and smiling, they'll always agree to one.


War is the opposite of an alliance. Sometimes, a species will be so annoying that the only answer is to declare war on them to remove them. To declare war, fly to one of their planets and attack their cities. Once you have attacked every city in a system until the capture bar is full, you can capture their system and force them to leave. To destroy an entire empire, capture all of their star systems until they have nothing left. When at war, it pays to buy turrets for your colonies. Chances are that the empire will attack your planets.

Rare Objects[edit]

Rare objects are valuable items worth lots of money. Finding rare objects can be difficult though if you don't know where to look. However, you won't need to fly to every planet and scan the entire surface. If a planet contains one of these objects, it will be clear from space. Any planet emitting yellow rings is worth taking a look at. If a planet has these rings, there are three possibilities as to what's down there. Either a rare object, a colouring or sculpting tool or an ambush party. If its one of the first two, use the abduction beam to get it into your spaceship. If it's pirates, fight them like other spaceships.

Other Missions[edit]

See Spore/Center of the Galaxy

When you achieve more ranks, your homeworld will deliver you more missions. These missions are:

  • Colonise seven star systems
  • Make three alliances
  • Contact the Grox
  • Get to the center of the galaxy