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Spy Hunter II gameplay.png

Once you have inserted your coins into that cabinet of Bally Midway's 1987 racing/shooter arcade game Spy Hunter II and pressed either Start Button, the text "THE MISSION: TO ESCORT THE COURIER SAFELY TO ALL MOBILE WEAPON UNITS" shall appear upon your side of the screen; the Courier will then start moving, and you will have to step upon the gas pedal to accelerate your car and follow her, as that timer in the top-left corner of the screen starts counting down from 449 (at a rate which depends on whether it is set for 30, 45, 60 or 90 seconds). You will receive 100 points, for every metre travelled - and when you come up to a Weapons Truck, the Courier will disappear inside it. If you follow her in, the screen will then cut to a shot of her in the back of it as the text "COURIER SAFE BONUS" appears at the top of it and you receive 5000 extra points; it is also worth noting that she will either be holding an oil hose, a mortar, a missile, a knife, or a cigarette lighter, as she disappears off the bottom of the screen, and that text "Weapon Awarded" will then appear up at the top of the screen, as she comes back up into view again with her right thumb up and the screen cuts back to the (continued) action. The name of the added weapon shall also appear upon the heads-up display - and "GUNS" will always be there by default, but "OIL", "BOMB", "MISSLE", "SLASH", and "FLAME" shall show up, as you receive them. Unlike in the original Spy Hunter, there are no civilian cars upon the road; there are also no broken bridges with detours, boathouses (which shall transform your car into a boat when driven through), or icy roads. Once you have run out of lives, the text "GAME OVER" will appear upon the screen - and if your score was the highest on the cabinet to date, the text "GOOD SHOOTING. YOU GOT THE HIGH SCORE TO DATE." will appear on the screen with your score below it, before the game goes back into attract mode.