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Howdy! Well partner, you've got enough fairies to reach Dusty Trails. A dirty bunch of Rhynocs have rolled into town and are rousing up trouble. The sheriff is locked up, and the keys have been stolen. There's only one thing that can be done, getting fairies!


Fairy 1[edit]

So, to start off this level, why not light up the path. It is very bright without them, but lighting them all up gets you a fairy.

Fairy 2[edit]

As was told above, a group of outlaws have come into town. Help the deputies defeat them. In other words, defeat all of the Rhynocs.

Fairy 3[edit]

This fairy is with the final thief of the game. You're helping an officer get something back. Once you get it back though, it turns out it's actually a fairy.

Fairy 4[edit]

Fairy 5[edit]

Fairy 6[edit]