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Lava Prairie. Who knew these portals could time travel! The stone age is where this prehistoric level is. Rhynocs have been terrorizing populations since the B.C.s... Wait! How are these fairies frozen when they're surrounded by lava!

Fairy 1[edit]

Your first order of business is easier said than done. You must destroy each and every Rhynoc in this level. There are two types for you to tangle with: the throwing type and the club type. The throwing type throws rocks at you and just sits with them. Agility is needed to beat them. The club ones club you. Not as much skill is needed to defeat these. Defeat them all to get the fairy.

Fairy 2[edit]

This type of fairy is a bit harder than the previous one. You must burn all of the flowers in the level. The thing is, when you lose a life, the flowers are revitalized.

Fairy 3[edit]

This fairy is a bit more easy than the previous two. Pterodactyl Rhynocs are terrorizing the local crops. What you need to do is use fire to push cactus bombs into a small hole near them. When they fly above it, they'll get bombed! There are six pterodactyls.