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The final speedway. What better way to end them than the common idea for the future? From the stone age to the space age, Spyro has lived on. Anyway, like the other speedways, this level starts out with the normal or hard mode question. Either way, this level starts out in a rather peculiar way. First is the enemies, which go from the front of the screen to the back. The green ones are regular, the yellows give extra time, and the dark blue ones give money. After this is the robots. They're like the aliens from the aqua age, the front one can't get hurt until it's the only one left. After this is the enemies that go around the screen then disappear. Now you come to the hoops. As usual, go through them to get either money or time. Now are the airplanes, that come from through the screen in the familiar way, from back to front. After this is the final obstacle. This is the metal dragon, who is faster and sturdier than the others. Remember, you must fire at its plates on the back so they disappear. Beat this, and you get the fairy for the mode.