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Star Park. Probably the coldest area of the game, even if you count the Winter Fairy Home. Will your breath be even hot enough the thaw the fairies? Time to find out.

Fairy 1 (Meg)[edit]

Before you go to the tasks, it might be better to search for a fairy readily available to see if they can be melted. Meg is found frozen by on an island around the top part of the level. Thaw her out, and you've got your first fairy.

Fairy 2 (Ember)[edit]

This fairy is found in the most top left part of the level, frozen.

Fairy 3 (Gwen)[edit]

This fairy is found near one of the radar parts. Thaw Gwen out, and you're halfway along the way to completion of this level.

Fairy 4[edit]

This fairy is the Rhynoc Fairy of the level. Defeat this level's Rhynocs. Though the throwing one is familiar, the jet one is not. The jet one flies up and tries to land where you are to knock you off the land.

Fairy 5[edit]

To get this fairy, you need to find radar parts for Louie, a penguin. There are six in all.

Fairy 6[edit]

This fairy is gained by melting the snowthings. Do this, and you've finished Star Park!