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This place has 300 gems and 6 fireflies. It is one of the three home places.


Bianca Firefly 1

At the beginning when you go past the portal to Shamrock Isle, Bianca will be there. Talk to her and she will give you a firefly.

Hunter Firefly 1

You can find Hunter near some sheep. After explaining about fodder, he will also give you a firefly.

Bianca Firefly 2

Bianca is next to a Ice Power Gate. After explaining about it, she will give you another firefly.

Hunter Firefly 2

Hunter is on top of a set of (technically) stairs. After a bit of jumping practice, he will give you a firefly. The rare 25 gem is also here, also the portal to Country Farms.

Sun Platforms

You will need fire breath here (obtained at Country Farms). You need to flame each one so that they have a little sun floating above them. There are eight of them.

  1. Near the set of stairs.
  2. Left of Hunter where he explained about fodder.
  3. Above and left of the power gate.
  4. Across the freezable water.
  5. Below the portal to Country Farms.
  6. Left of the portal to Country Farms.
  7. Left of the portal to Celestial Plains.
  8. Right of the portal to Celestial Plains.
Roaming Firefly

There is a roaming firefly just below the set of stairs.


  1. Country Farms (1 firefly required)
  2. Shamrock Isle (3 fireflies required)
  3. Temple of Dune (10 fireflies required)
  4. Canyon Hop (500 gems required)
  5. Minty Mines (12 fireflies required)
  6. Tiki Tropics (14 fireflies required)
  7. Alpine Adobe (18 fireflies required)
  8. Celestial Plains (22 fireflies required)