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Spyro the Dragon
Box artwork for Spyro the Dragon.
Developer(s) Insomniac Games
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Distributor(s) PlayStation Network
Release date(s)
PlayStation icon.png
Flag of the European Union.svg October, 1998
PlayStation 3 icon.png
PlayStation 3
Genre(s) Platform
System(s) PlayStation, PlayStation 3
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
ELSPA: Ages 3+
OFLC: OFLC G.svg General
Series Spyro the Dragon
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This is the first game in the Spyro the Dragon series. For other games in the series see the Spyro the Dragon category.

Spyro the Dragon is a platform game developed by Insomniac Games for the PlayStation and PlayStation Network. It stars the title character, a young purple dragon named Spyro and is the first in the series of Spyro the Dragon video games. The first game was massively popular at its initial release and the titular character would later become one of the most recognisable, popular and respected gaming icons for the PlayStation gaming console.


In a land known as the Dragon Realms, the elder dragons are preparing for a video documentary of sorts about their realm. Meanwhile, the antagonist Gnasty Gnorc, who had been banished from the realms, becomes upset over comments the dragons make of him. Enraged, Gnasty Gnorc bombards the Dragon Realms with a magical spell, freezing the resident dragons into crystalline statues, and sends an army of Gnorcs in to steal the dragons' treasure.

However, Gnasty somehow missed imprisoning the youngest dragon in the realm, Spyro (who was seen chasing sheep in the background during the dragons' documentary shoot). Realizing who is responsible for the disaster, Spyro, who sets out to free the realm's dragons, recover their treasure hoard from the invading Gnorcs, and then confront and defeat Gnasty Gnorc himself.

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