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To activate these cheats, press enter during gameplay and type the following phrases:

Code Effect
show me the money 10,000 minerals and vespene gas
black sheep wall Reveal map
operation cwal Fast building and instant upgrades
power overwhelming Invincibility
whats mine is mine 500 minerals
breathe deep 500 Vespene Gas
modify the phase variance No building prerequisites
staying alive Continue playing after beating level
noglues Enemies can't use spells or abilities
the gathering Spells and abilities require no energy
something for nothing One level of upgrades (non-tier upgrades gained)
game over man Forfeit level
there is no cow level Automatic win
war aint what it used to be Disable Fog of War
food for thought No supply limit
ophelia Enable mission skipping
protossX Skip to Protoss level X
terranX Skip to Terran level X
zergX Skip to Zerg level X