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Jim Raynor[edit]

Perhaps the most important Terran leader, Raynor leads a militia/terrorist group called Raynor's Raiders, which strikes an alliance with an even more terrorizing group, the Sons of Korhal, in Episode 1 and continues to both help and fight against Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg forces through the rest of StarCraft and Broodwar.

Jim is StarCraft's ideal of a resourceful, understanding, and at times empathic hero: one who can create an army from the militia of Mar Sara and Antiga Prime; who understands what others are thinking and can work well with them; and who responds as players do to events despite his taxing experiences. He also symbolizes the slight love (in his case, for Sarah Kerrigan) that Blizzard Entertainment provides in the storyline. StarCraft is above all Raynor's story, as he somehow appears in each episode to some significant extent; it is the story of Raynor's meeting with Sarah Kerrigan, loss of her, wars against her, and possibly--that would be a logical progression--reunion with her in StarCraft 2. He is also very sensible, fighting when necessary but retreating when he must, allying with others to what he considers would do him the most good, and forming alliances with the natural partners of the Terrans, the Protoss, through much of Brood War.

Sarah Kerrigan[edit]

Sarah Kerrigan was an unwilling participant in the Confederacy's testing of Ghosts (which, according to their flawless performance in the game, seems highly successful, despite lore's reporting that many of the trainees died through such despicable situations as a "final exam" in which the test taker must kill a Marine holding a child hostage before the Marine fires, as told in Liberty's Crusade). After being freed by Mengsk in Uprising, she becomes his loyal servant, saying that she owes her soul to him. This becomes ironic in light of the fact that she loses her soul to the Overmind, who forces her to fight against her supposed savior.

Sarah Kerrigan is actually the smartest character in the game, although possibly tying with Duran (we have yet to see). Coupled with her control of a significant portion of the Swarms, her intellect makes her a dangerous foe. Through much of Brood War, she demonstrates her tacts and skill in diplomacy and intrigue against her foes, who become convinced that she is their ally before realizing too late that she is only taking advantage of them.

Arcturus Mengsk[edit]

Mengsk, the leader of the Sons of Korhal, lost his father to a Confederate assassination. Ever since, he has vowed revenge against the oligarchy. After being released from prison, he has continued the firefight on Korhal, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of the planet, his home world, from a planetary barrage of nukes. It is understandable for such a man, bereft of family, to undertake extreme actions to undermine the regime. Despite this setback, however, the man has only become more determined to see the fall of the Confederacy, which does collapse following the successive Zerg infestations of the Koprulu Sector.

Arcturus' ambition is also stellar; after overcoming the Confederacy, he establishes the Terran Dominion with himself as its head, and subsequently directs the war against the Zerg. In Episode 6, Arcturus once again recovers from his lapse in power when he regains control of Tarsonis from a clandestine deal with Kerrigan, and challenges Kerrigan for the final time in The Reckoning.

Arcturus, however, is the one who has willingly sent Kerrigan to what he believed would be certain death on New Gettysburg. Unfortunately for him, she was abducted by the Overmind's minions, brought to Char, and re-hatched as Queen of the Zerg. Through much of the story, Kerrigan puts the blame of her turncoat position on Mengsk, while simultaneously defending her position as one of power and demanding of respect from her enemies.

Edmund Duke[edit]

This general was once on the side of the Confederacy but after his Battlecruiser crashed on a strange planet, he was forced to join the Sons of Korhal in order to destroy the Confederacy.

In episode 2 he was sent to defeat the Zerg on Char but failed.

In episode 3 he sent a group of Wraiths and Battlecruisers to destroy the Protoss that were attacking key Terran bases.

In the Brood War he was killed by Kerrigan's forces, so the Dominion would be weakened without their general.


In the Terran campaign he was a Ghost and part of the Confederacy Resistance group that wants to overthrow the Terran Dominion. During the events of the Terran campaign he was introducing various objects like the Psi Disrupter and was personally responsible for betraying the UED to Kerrigans Zerg.

Admiral Gerard DuGalle[edit]

DuGalle spent most of his life defending Earth from its enemies. By 64 years of age and with countless victories to his credit, he was considered to be the greatest military leader within the United Powers League.

The UPL, having been aware of the results Doran Routhe's failed experiment to colonize new planets for Earth for some time (even when the United Powers League was still in power), decided to send an expeditionary force to the Koprulu Sector sometime during the first battles fought by protoss, terrans and zerg. The expeditionary force was tasked with pacifying the sector; bringing the terran worlds which the newly christened United Earth Directorate regarded as "rogue colonies" under its control and containing the zerg and protoss. Given the extreme nature of the expedition, DuGalle was unanimously nominated to be entrusted with the mission of commanding the expeditionary force, having three primary objectives:

  1. Conquer all of the "rogue" terran colonies, and capture Arcturus Mengsk, the emperor of the Terran Dominion.
  2. Take control of the entire Zerg Swarm by capturing the newborn Overmind with psychics and powerful drugs.
  3. Use the captured Zerg Swarm to pacify all protoss activity within the sector.

DuGalle accepted the mission, though he was uncomfortable with using the zerg to achieve victory, feeling that they represented an unnecessary risk and would rather employ more conventional tactics. Regardless, DuGalle commanded the force from the UED flagship, Aleksander, with his friend Alexei Stukov as his Executive Officer.

Vice Admiral Stukov[edit]

Stukov is the second in command of Dugalle. He got killed by Duran but latter end up reborned and infested in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.


Queen of Blades (Kerrigan)[edit]

Most Zerg, with the exception of the Overmind and its Cerebrates, are completely devoid of personality; the one character who is not is Kerrigan, whose character traits come from her human past. Changed into the Queen of the Zerg in Episode 2, Sarah Kerrigan suddenly becomes the most powerful character in the game.

In Brood War Kerrigan manipulated her allies into overthrowing the UED and their Second Overmind thus allowing her to control all of the Zerg Broods. She betrayed her allies and defeated Mengsk, Artanis and DuGalle in a titanic battle above Char.

Zerg Overmind[edit]

The eternal will of the swarm and responsible for Kerrigans transformation into the Queen of Blades. This character is made by the Xel'Naga to bring order to the Zerg swarms. It controls the swarms with Cerebrates and Overlords and one time got killed by Tassadar at the end of episode 3.

A Second Overmind was formed out of several Cerebrates in order to control the rampaging Zerg but that one was captured by the UED in Episode 5.

Kerrigan had blackmailed the Dark Templar to kill the second Overmind and that resulted in the Queen of Blades taking control of the Zerg.

Cerebrate Daggoth[edit]

Cerebrate Zasz[edit]

A cerebrate of the Garm brood, Zasz had quite a few arguments with Infested Kerrigan. He was killed by Zeratul on Char with an attack that put pause to the Overmind itself, and allowing his Garm Brood to run rampant.

Infested Duran[edit]

In the Zerg Campaign he was Kerrigans servant until mission Omega where he was missing all of a sudden when Kerrigan battles 3 separate fleets. He secretly developed Zerg and Protoss Hybrids in mission Dark Origins and had more hybrids hidden across the galaxy.


Executor Tassadar[edit]

As soon as the Protoss encountered the insidious Zerg, Tassadar was dispatched, along with his Grand Fleet of the Executor, to hunt for the Zerg and destroy planets (sky-blasting--such as the instance in which the Terran battlecruiser was annihilated by a beam of energy, in the introductory cinematic to StarCraft). As the incidents on Chau Sara and then Mar Sara show, this strategy turns out to be inherently unproductive, as the Zerg act much like a cancer, each time metastasizing (spreading to other places) too early for the Protoss to react. Therefore, Tassadar abandoned his fruitless mission.

The new Queen of Blades's psionic call from Char lured Tassadar, along with Zeratul, to the planetary surface, where the two brethren unite for the first time in possibly centuries (quite a long time, considering the entire Protoss race has existed for less than a millennium). From Zeratul, Tassadar learns about the Dark Templars' energies and the Overmind's weakness.

Tassadar is at first unable to convince the Conclave--the Protoss executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government all combined in one--of the importance of his discovery. Through Episode 3, however, Tassadar manages to show the other Protoss the weaknesses in their plans and demonstrates, through slaying Cerebrates, that his plan is the only one with any hope of saving the Protoss race. Tassadar unites with Raynor in the last mission, Slaying the Beast, in which Tassadar sacrifices himself to destroy the Overmind (see the cinematic).

The Protoss Hero Tassadar is a stronger version of the standard High Templar Unit. He has double the HP as the normal unit and has a impressive 300 shield point bonus. and automatically has all the abilities readly available, with the exception of melding into an Archon. In addition to the Abilities listed above Tassadar has a Ranged Attack called Psi Assault which does 20dmg. With a short range, this attack requires you to get Tassadar in pretty close where he might come under fire. On Campaign Missions, his death will cause you to immediately fail the mission.

Praetor Fenix[edit]

This character used to be a Zealot until an attack on Antioch caused him to be trapped in a Dragoon shell for the rest of his life.

In the Campaigns, he forms a friendship with Raynor and helps Kerrigan destroy the UED on Korhal before being betrayed by Kerrigan. His death made Raynor want to get revenge against Kerrigan even without an army.



Zeratul represents the Dark Templar and their sensibility, obtained from their encountering many situations throughout their journeys. Zeratul's Dark Templar have their secret stronghold of Shakuras, the twilight planet, and uses that sector as a staging area for his explorations, at one time leading him to a fateful meeting with Tassadar and the subsequent death of the Overmind.

Judicator Aldaris[edit]

A member of the Protoss Conclave that only appears in Episodes III and IV. He died at the hands of Kerrigan as a result of trying to inform the Executor about the Matriarch being under the influence of Kerrigan.


Leader of the Dark Templar and a very old Protoss. She lived for thousands of years but soon died in the hands of Zeratul as a result of being a slave to Kerrigan.