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Mole Hunt is a Use Map Settings game that's a spinoff of the old "Cat and Mouse" game. In this version, there are Farmers (zealots) and Moles (ultralisks). The Farmers win if they capture (kill) all the Moles before the game clock (15 minutes) runs out. The Moles win if the game clock runs out and the Farmers haven't won. There can be 1-3 Farmers and 1-5 Moles.

The game begins with the Farmers in a small area, at the top edge of the map, that is surrounding by walls and a Gate in the southern wall (the "Farm"). The rest of the map is filled with creep colonies (the field), except for a small area just outside the Gate which is where the Moles start. The Moles must begin digging tunnels through the field by Attacking the creep colonies (each Mole can destroy a creep colony in a single blow). The Moles are given a one-minute window to dig and hide, after which the Gate opens and the Farmers are free to pursue the Moles through the tunnels and by digging through creep colonies themselves.

To help the Moles escape the Farmers, they are granted a drone (baby mole) that appears beside them every 10 creep colonies they destroy. The drone can be used to "plug" tunnels by creating a Spore Colony (which are harder to break through than regular creep colonies) or a Sunken Colony (which will attack the Farmers but can be broken through easily). In recent updates of the game, there are now two more options to use with the drone. For fast rescuing of "captured" teamates, you may build a spire (Tele) which will destroy itself upon completion and bring you directly to the farm. The second option is to build a Nydus Canal, which after completion must have an exit built elsewhere, which can be anywhere else on the creep. When sending a zerg creature through either they will come out of the other. Unfortunately only the same color that created the Nydus Canal can channel through them. Moles can also build drones using their respective Hives, located at the bottom of the map.

To help the Farmers catch the Moles, they have at their disposal Mines and Suicide Bombers. Mines consist of two units (a mine placer and a mine activator) that, once brought together, become a planted Spider Mine invisible to the Moles. Suicide bombers are infested terrans that are effective at blowing up creep colonies (and killing Moles) via splash damage. Mine and Suicide Bombers (or "Cides") are purchased by stepping on one of two beacons in the farm.

In order for Moles to build Colonies and for Farmers to make purchases, they need sufficient funds. Mole gain funds over time, whereas Farmers gain funds over time as well as killing Moles and manually destroying colonies.

In the farm is a third beacon. If a Mole is killed (captured), it becomes a flag of the same color above this third beacon. Captured Moles can be freed if an active Mole enters the farm and steps on this beacon. This is fairly risky for the Mole since the farm is an area of high traffic for Farmers and their units.

A popular "cheat" being used recently, is the using all the all too famous "Jumping" to move ones Ultralisk on top of the sea of crepp colonies where at they may move to areas far from the farmers and create a safe sanctum, possibly in a corner (Although this is fairly hard to do). This version of Jumping is to take a drone and bury it. Then move your Ultralisk on top of the burrowed drone , there at you unburrow the drone and are forced onto the creep colonies. Note: This is found unfair and is looked down upon**