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The Stacraft Campaign Editor is the map editing tool for Starcraft. Using the Campaign Editor, anyone can make or edit a StarCraft map, and then use it as they see fit.

Starcraft Campaign Editor allows players to customize their maps, units, structures, triggers, scenarios, forces, and gameplay through various forms accessible from the menu. However, each customization is specifically for that game, which can become annoying; and the customization does not even come into effect unless the player chooses Use Map Settings rather than Melee or Free for All. Additionally, the triggers seem close to programming. Given the difficulty of the editor, customizers must run many tests of each map to ensure quality standards.

Terrains are grouped into distinct sets of terrain, and one group cannot be intermixed with another one:

  • Badlands: Dirt, Mud, High Dirt, Water, Grass, High Grass, Structure, Asphalt, Rocky Ground
  • Installation: Substructure, Floor, Roof, Substructure Plating, Plating, Substructure Panels, Bottomless Pit
  • Ash World: Magma, Dirt, Lava, Shale, Broken Rock, High Dirt, High Lava, High Shale
  • Jungle World: Dirt, Mud, Water, Jungle, Rocky Ground, Ruins, Raised Jungle, Temple, High Dirt, High Jungle, High Ruins, High Raised Jungle, High Temple

There are eight tilesets in all, of which five are available in StarCraft and three are BroodWar only.

Custom editors[edit]

Many maps that people play today, such as the "Fastest possible" maps or certain use map setting games such as "Golems", won't open and were not created with the original campaign editor that comes with StarCraft. There are numerous map editors available for free that can do more than the original StarCraft campaign editor. Most have more options available such as more trigger and string options, an option for a player 12 or a "neutral" player, and/or the ability to put numerous SCVs, Probes, or Drones on a mining crystal at once.

Some of the more popular custom campaign editors are:

  • SCMDraft 2
  • StarForge 2.2
  • StarCraft Xtra Editor 2.6

SCMDraft 2 is still being updated online at StormCoast Fortress.