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Please refer to the Brood War units page for information on Valkyries and Medics.
  • Cost will be referred to as X/Y. X is the amount of minerals needed, while Y is the amount of gas.
  • There are 3 damage types other than normal: explosive, concussive, and splash.
  • Explosive does 100% to large units, 75% to medium, and 50% to small.
  • Concussive does 100% to small units, 50% to medium, and 25% to large.
  • Splash deals damage to all units in a certain radius (1/2 damage to units 1/4 pix away, 1/4 to those 1/2 away). Linear splash means that the attack travels in a line.
  • Some unit's attacks will be referred to as X/Y, in which case it means the unit uses different weapons against air and ground. X will be the damage done to ground, and Y is the damage done to air.
  • Some units' attacks are separated into two parts. That means that each hit from an attack gets some reduction from armor. They are as follows:
  • Terran
    • Firebat (3 parts)
    • Goliath air
    • VALKYRIE (8 parts)

Terran units are special in that all of them except the Goliath and the Valkyrie have a second or special ability besides attacking. Every combat unit has a ranged attack, and every unit can be healed, either by a medic or SCV. However, there is no way they regenerate by themselves.


The "Space Construction Vehicle" is the Terran's basic gatherer/builder unit. They cost 50 minerals. Typically, when mining minerals, you'll want two of these per mineral cluster, so that during the time when one SCV is returning its load, another SCV is working the patch. Often, you may need between twelve and twenty per 'average' resource node (Around eight mineral patches). When collecting Vespene gas, you'll want to assign SCVs until you see one waiting outside at all times. The SCV is arguably the only melee unit in the Terran arsenal.

Floats, doesn't trigger Spider Mines.
  • Built at Command Center
  • Cost: 50/0
  • Damage: 5
  • HP: 60
  • Supply: 1
  • Range: 1
  • Build time: 20


Marines are the basic attack units for the Terrans, and have the distinction of being the only initial unit with a ranged attack against both aerial and ground targets. While weak individually, you can put them in bunkers for protection - Marine-filled bunkers being repaired by SCVs make a very good defense if properly supported.

In Brood War...
Training up squads of Marines and mixing in some Medics (the famous M&M combination) works particularly well against Zerg. The StimPack upgrade is a must have, as with the advent of Medics the increased fire rate (and hence attack damage) and speed is no longer offset by the loss of 10 HP.

Marines never go out of style: they can do damage to anything, have a ranged attack (so they get 'free hits' against melee units) and can be Stimmed and mixed with Medics. They do a base 6 damage against all armour types (upgradeable to 6+3 = 9), and have zero base armor which is upgradeable to 3.

  • Ability: Stimpack - unit shoots and runs approximately 1.67 times faster for about 12 seconds.
    • Cost: 10 health
    • Developed at: Academy
  • Built at Barracks
  • Cost: 50/0
  • Damage: 6 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Range: 4 +1 upgrade
  • HP: 40
  • Armor: 0 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 1
  • Build time: 24



The Terran Firebat is the closest thing to a melee unit in the Terran arsenal. Like a Marine, a Firebat has to walk to get around, but in lieu of the (relatively) long ranged and minor damage rifle of a Marine, they carry short ranged flamethrowers that can fry anything they can get close to. They do splash damage in a line, which means that not only the individual unit the Firebat is attacking, but any of its buddies nearby take full damage from the Firebat's attack. The label says '16 damage', but if you take splash damage into account, when attacking multiple Zealots, Zerglings, or multiple anything else the Firebat can survive to get to, it's much more.

The catch is that the Firebat deals Concussion damage - so it only deals full damage to Small units (i.e. Zealots, Zerglings, Marines...). It does half damage (8) to medium units like Hydralisks, and a quarter (4) to large units (Siege Tanks, Ultralisks) and buildings.

  • Ability: Stimpack - unit shoots and runs approximately 1.67 times faster for about 12 seconds.
    • Cost: 10 health
    • Developed at: Academy
  • Built at Barracks
  • Prerequisite: Academy
  • Cost: 50/25
  • Damage: 16C/S(linear) +2+2+2 upgrades
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • HP: 50
  • Supply: 1
  • Range: 2
  • Build: 24


The Ghost is an infantry unit that is unlike the Marine and Firebat. Ghosts are useful against small units, as they do ten (base) damage, however, as their attack is concussive, they do pathetic damage to Medium and Large units. Instead, you should think of the Ghost more like a support unit or a spellcaster (If you're familiar with WarCraft). Against Protoss and Terran, Lockdown is an indispensable ability: it renders a target mechanical unit totally motionless until Restored by a Medic or until the effect wears off. This works very well at stopping drops (Lockdown the Dropship and halt the invasion while scrambling for defense) or neutralizing heavy units for easy care or later disposal; think Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers or Carriers. Ghosts can also cloak for limited periods to get around unseen or attack with impunity (unless detected, at which point it's a good idea to run away real fast).

The most beloved ability of the Ghost, however, is the ability to guide a Nuke down to ground zero. Provided you have a Nuke Silo and a prepped Nuke, you can cloak your Ghost and tell it to launch the Nuke at a target for the greater of 500 or two-thirds damage to everything in the area. Seeing as even an Ultralisk only has 400HP and a Battlecruiser has 500, a Nuke can take out nearly anything (in fact, the Battlecruiser is the only unit that will survive a full blast, as they start out with base armor which will save them with about 3 HP left over), and are particularly useful for taking out groups of Supply units (Pylons, Overlords, and Supply Depots) that are clumped together, severely limiting your opponent's production potential. The downside is that it takes about 8 seconds to actually get there, during which the opponent will usually scramble to move detectors into place to spot the Cloaked Ghost (using Nukes without Cloaking is definitely not recommended) and kill it before the Nuke lands. Note that once a nuclear launch has been initiated, it will be announced to every player in the game, including the opponent you're using it against - so don't think that your opponent will be oblivious to your "surprise" Nuke. Normally the ghost has to be within the damage radius and so dies after the Nuke lands, unless the few second window between the end of targeting and detonation is used to tell them to run for it. However, the upgrade of Ocular Implants will provide enough range for the Ghost to survive. Note: a nuclear missile takes up 8 supply, the biggest in the game, but the fact that there is a Command Center (provides 10 supply) for each one cancels the supply cost. Also note that once the Ghost begins targeting, the Nuke is immediately launched and is gone regardless of whether it makes it or not; even ordering the Ghost to abort the launch and do something else will consume the nuke, so be extremely careful when ordering the strike. Many people use the Ghost as a covert ops unit, and use a dropship to move it behind enemy lines. This can sometimes be a smarter move than using a Nuke on the front of an enemies base, where they most likely have detectors.

  • Built at: Barracks
  • Prerequisite: Academy, Science Facility with attached Covert Ops
  • Cost: 25/75
  • Damage: 10C
  • HP: 45
  • Armor: 0 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 1
  • Range: 7
  • Build time: 50


The Vulture is the base Factory unit, and like Marines costs only Minerals, which is good for soaking up excess minerals that tend to build up in late game. It has a Fragmentation Grenade launcher, making it very effective against small units like Marines and certain medium units like Hydralisks, but if you see any heavy units it's probably best to run. It also has no air attacks. Vultures also have the ability to lay Spider Mines if the technology is researched (each Vulture can lay a maximum of 3 mines). These mines are laid and pop up from the ground to target nearby enemies if in range, even cloaked units, and can cause splash damage to nearby units. These mines are invisible when in the ground (unless spotted by a detector) but are visible when they pop up from the ground to target a ground unit.


  • Cost: 75/0
  • Damage: 20C +2+2+2 upgrades
  • HP: 75
  • Armor: 0 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 5
  • Build: 30
  • Upgrade: Ion thrusters - makes Vulture super-fast
    • Developed at: Machine shop for 100/100
  • Ability: Spider mines - gives each Vulture 3 mines that can be set anywhere and do 125 splash damage.
    • Developed at: Machine shop for 100/100

Siege Tank[edit]

Once you research Siege Tech, the Siege Tank has two roles: as some seriously heavy support (but slow firing) in its mobile form, and as a serious artillery piece in Siege Mode. In Tank mode, they do a base 30 Explosive damage (upgrade to 30+9 =39): in Siege mode, they do a base 70 (upgradeable to 70+15= 85). In Siege mode, they gain not only this more than double damage, but a colossal range boost, making them a good static defense as well as support artillery for a mobile army. However, they cannot attack air units, and deal Explosive damage - which means that Small units only take 50% and Medium units only take 75%. Despite this, however, they are effective "mob killers", and in groups can slaughter whole armies of lesser ground units, particularly Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Terran infantry.

However, while Siege tanks do very good damage, three points should be noted: there are many strategies for neutralizing them - Dark Swarm, Disruption Web and Lockdown for starters; they fire slowly; do splash damage to even friendly units; and they cannot attack air targets. If you rely on large numbers of tanks for defense only, you can easily blow up more of your own tanks than the enemy, and even a small amount of air units can take down the defenseless tanks.

  • Built at: Factory
  • Prerequisite: Attached Machine Shop
  • Cost: 150/100
  • Damage: 30E +3+3+3 upgrades
  • HP: 150
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 7
  • Build: 50
  • Upgrade: Siege Tech
    • Developed at: Machine shop for 150/150

Siege Mode

  • Cost: 150/100
  • Damage: 70ES +5+5+5 upgrades
  • HP: 150
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 12 MINIMUM OF 2



The Goliath is your friend. It has not only a respectable 12 base damage against all ground units, but more importantly, a powerful air attack. A fully upgraded Goliath will do 20 + 12 explosive damage to anything in the air - and unlike the faster firing Missile Turrets, Goliaths are mobile. Mix in some Goliaths with your attack forces so you have some anti air support superior to what Marines alone can provide, and watch the air units crash and burn. This unit is bulky, though, and can be very stupid when pathfinding.

In Brood War...
Goliaths can be further upgraded in the expansion. The Charon Boosters upgrade, available from the Machine Shop, transforms these walkers into mobile Missile Turrets by giving them a range boost equivalent to that of a Zerg Guardian (8). It also comes with a cool visual effect.
  • Built at: Factory
  • Prerequisite: Armory
  • Cost: 125/50
  • Damage: 12 +1+1+1 upgrades / 20E +4+4+4 upgrades
  • HP: 125
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 6 / 5 +3 upgrade
  • Build time: 30


The Dropship is what you use when your units need to take the high road over obstacles, blockades or water (island maps), or just when you want to strategically drop units in superior positions or vulnerabilities in enemy defenses. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of dropping a few Tanks and Goliaths onto a cliff and watching the tanks blast the living daylights of everything down below, while the Goliaths provide air cover. The ship itself has no weapons, and since it doesn't have that many hit points, it's advisable to defend it with some air support or a Defensive Matrix. A Dropship has 8 slots. Marines, Firebats, Medics, Ghosts, and SCVs take up one, Vultures and Goliaths take up two, and Tanks take up four.

  • Built at: Starport
  • Prerequisite: Attached Control Tower
  • Cost: 100/100
  • Damage: 0
  • HP: 150
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: N/A
  • Build time: 60


The Wraith is a fast airborne combat vehicle. It is capable of attacking both air and ground units. It also has the ability to cloak. Typically they're used to pester outlying enemy installations or fortifications, or sniping other aircraft (as they can turn invisible). However, if the enemy brings a "detector" the Wraiths will be revealed, which makes them vulnerable but no less effective at screwing with the enemy. Wraiths are arguably the worst aircraft, although cloaking will give them a great advantage. Wraiths are anti-air units, though they are terrible for killing ground units.

  • Cost: 125/100
  • Damage: 8/20E
  • HP: 120
  • Armor: 0 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Energy: 200 +50 upgrade
  • Supply: 3
  • Range: 6
  • Build: 60
  • Ability: Cloaking field - makes the wraith invisible
    • Developed at: Control tower for 150/150
  • Upgrade: Apollo reactor - adds +50 to maximum energy, lets is stay invisible for 50 more seconds.
    • Developed at: Control tower for 200/200



The Battlecruiser is the Terrans' most powerful air unit. They are sometimes used to harass the enemy with their long range Yamato Cannon. They are excellent for killing Terran missile turrets and Protoss Photon Cannons to enable penetration by cloaked units, or simply to let any unit in, especially fully loaded dropships. The Yamato Gun has the second longest range in the game. However, a group of many Battlecruisers are generally not effective on their own because of their long cooldown rate. 12 battlecruisers focusing their battery power causes great damage, although the insane amount of resources needed for that number (4800 minerals and 3600 gas) could usually be better spent on larger amounts of other, more multi-purpose units. A big weakness of the Battlecruiser (as well as its Protoss cousin, the Carrier) is the vulnerability to the lockdown ability: once it's locked down, it is unable to move or attack, so be careful when you see a Terran enemy force recruiting Ghosts.

  • Built at: Starport
  • Prerequisite: Attached Control Tower, Science Facility with attached Physics Lab
  • Cost: 400/300
  • Damage: 25
  • HP: 500
  • Armor: 3 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 6
  • Range: 6
  • Build: 160
  • Ability: Yamato gun - shoot for 260 damage
    • Cost: 150
    • Range: 8?
    • Developed at: Physics lab for 100/100
  • Upgrade: Colossus reactor - increase energy
    • Cost: 150
    • Developed at: Physics lab for 150/150

Science Vessel[edit]

The Science Vessel is the Terrans' other spellcasting unit. It has a few "spells" that are useful. Defensive Matrix can be used to bolster a units hp up (it adds 250 temporary hp for which some small amounts of damage will "leak" through the shield - if your unit has only 1-3 hp, it's not a good idea to cast Defensive Matrix on it). Irradiate damages living organisms, so it can be cast on Zerg swarms to weaken a cluster of them (try casting on a group of bunched up guardians, and watch them suffer, or cast it on your siege tank. The tank won't take damage, but Zerglings that are attacking your tank will.) The other spell, EMP, takes away all the energy (spellcasting points) from units, and all the Protoss shields. A well cast EMP shockwave essentially halves the Protoss units hitpoints, it'll also force Wraiths and Ghosts to decloak. SVs are also the prime killer of Archons, whose HP is almost entirely shields (they only have 10 regular health points), making EMPs extremely effective, so if your opponent is building a large amount of Archons, counter that with SVs and his army will be destroyed very quickly.

  • Built at: Starport
  • Prerequisite: Science Facility
  • Cost: 100/225
  • Damage: 0
  • Energy: 200 + 50 upgrade
  • HP: 200
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 4?
  • Range: N/A
  • Build: 80
  • Ability: Detector
  • Ability: Defensive matrix - comes out of box. Adds 250 hit points to target unit, but each hit takes 1 health point from defended unit anyway.
    • Cost: 100
  • Ability: Irradiate - Deals to target unit 25 damages a second for 10 seconds. Nearby units also take damage.
    • Cost: 75
    • Developed at: Science Facility for 200/200
    • Range: 8?
  • Ability: EMP Bomb - Completely drains the energy of enemy units in the target area. Drains shields of protoss units.
  • Upgrade: Titan reactor - energy +50
    • Developed at: Science Facility for 150/150