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The cost of a special ability is the amount of energy required to cast it while the research cost is the amount of resources (minerals and gas) need to make it available.


Allow the unit to burrow itself to hide from enemies. A burrowed unit can only be seen by a detector unit.

Cost: None
Research cost: 100/100
Research building: Hatchery, Lair, Hive
Available for: Drone, Zergling, Hydralisk and Defiler


Allow to sacrifice a friendly Zerg unit to regain energy. Consume is a defiler ability. It can be used on burrowed units as well as on eggs but not on larvae.

Cost: None
Research cost: ?
Research building: Defiler mound
Available for: Defiler

Dark swarm[edit]

Create a cloud (6x6) where ranged attacks have no effect. The cloud last 60 seconds. Melee and splash damages are not affected.

Cost: 100
Research cost: ?
Research building: None
Available for: Defiler
Range: 9


A powerful ability that causes all units affected by the ability to take damage. This ability is effective against the Protoss and Terrans because if used against the Protoss they take damage even if they have Shields. If used against Terran structures the Terran structures will take damage until the health meter is at the Red Zone and they will burn up until they are destroyed. This ability does not kill units but it is effective against Battlecruiser fleets if they are group together.

Queen Abilities[edit]

Infest Command Center[edit]

This ability only works if an enemy Terran Command Center is weaken enough so please damage the Command Center to half of its health points and then send a Queen to infest it. After infestation the Command Center can be ordered to lift off to move to a safer place or it can build the most powerful attacker in the game, the Infested Terran.


Parasite is a spell cast by the Zerg Queen unit. It causes an enemy unit to share it's line of sight with the parasite's caster. It essentially creates a spy within the enemy camp, and it cannot be removed without either killing the unit or using the Terran Medics healing spell. It is most useful to be used against enemy shuttles and dropships, but workers are also valuable targets.

Spawn Broodling[edit]

This attack can kill any Terran Ground unit, any Zerg unit and some Protoss Ground units in one use of the Ability. It costs 150 of Energy but it also creates two Broodling after the affected unit dies. Does not target air units or Mechanical units like Reavers. This ability it best used against expensive and valuable units like siege tanks. Destroying one of these quickly can change the flow of an assault. Additionally, if a player is playing the campaign or a custom battle against computer units and has the invincibility cheat enabled, this attack from an enemy Queen can still kill the player's units.