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Protoss Mission 4: The Quest for Uraj
Location Braxis
Special Units
  • Infested Kerrigan
  • Uraj Crystal
New Units None
New Enemy Units None
Special Structures
  • Terran Beacon (holding the Uraj Crystal)
  1. Bring Kerrigan to the Uraj Crystal.
  2. Kerrigan must survive.
After destroying Daggoth's Cerebrates, the Protoss gets an unexpected visit from Kerrigan, who informs them of a new Overmind growing in Char. The Protoss and Kerrigan make an agreement that if the Protoss can help with dealing with the new Overmind, Kerrigan will help the Protoss in their search of the Uraj and Khalis Crystals.

Another mission, another scripted intro. Shuttles will deliver three reavers and three dragoons into a Terran base, where they will quickly wreak havoc. You can easily clear out the base with this team, at which point a shuttle will deliver Kerrigan and four probes. You'll also be informed that you can't build a Stargate, so get ready for a ground assault. Build your base and start gathering resources. Put up photon cannons at the entrance and also at the ramp behind the mineral fields, or the enemy will sneak through there.

Your next barrier is the small Terran base to the south. Have Kerrigan cloak and demolish the bunkers and siege tanks, then wreak as much havoc as possible. Eventually, they'll wise up and use ComSats, so hurry. Send a group of dragoons with your reavers to demolish what's left. Once that's cleared out, take time to rebuild your army and upgrade your units.

With that base out of the way, you have little resistance in the way. The route will go south from the base you demolished, along the western ridge, and under the giant Terran base in the center, then up to the beacon. To get there, bring full groups of zealots and dragoons with reavers (or maybe Archons) for backup. You should be able to clear a path without trouble, but the enemy will harass you constantly, and you'll need to stay on guard for siege tanks. However, even if your assault gets ruined, if you can clear out enough missile turrets, you can just walk Kerrigan to the beacon under her cloak, or drop her there with a shuttle.