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Protoss Mission 5: The Battle of Braxis
Location Braxis Space Platform
Special Units
  • Artanis (enhanced Scout)
New Units None
New Enemy Units Terran Valkyrie (UED)
Special Structures 5 UED Power Generators
  1. Destroy all Power Generators to pierce the UED blockade.
  2. Artanis must survive.
The Protoss meet Admiral Alexei Stukov from the United Earth Directorate. He informs them that the Protoss are violating Terran space as well as disrupting the UED's attempt to control the Terran Dominion by destroying them. It's time for the Protoss to destroy the Power Generators in order to manipulate the UED blockade.

You start with a small force of 3 Scouts, 2 Shuttles, 4 Zealots, 2 Dragoons, Artanis and 3 Observers. You are at Level 2 with all your upgrades. Note that you are limited to what you are given in this mission, but you get reinforcements as you destroy each Power Generator. Your first target is obvious; the one closest to you on the map. Use your observers strategically throughout this mission; take out any Missile Turrets you have to, and rely on your ground force. As soon as you destroy a Power Generator, all Missile Turrets in the area will no longer attack you, but rather serve as your additional detectors.

It's particularly important to keep your Dragoons alive in this mission, as they can take out Missile Turrets and Power Generators while staying out of range of the numerous bunkers around the map (which can be easily taken out by Dark Templar after detection is removed). Also, while it's tempting to leave Artanis behind to keep him safe, he is significantly better than a normal Scout and can really help out in a fight, as long as you're careful to keep him (and his fellow Scouts) away from unnecessary fights with groups of Missile Turrets.

Destroying the first Power Generator will give you 3 Shuttles, 2 Dragoons, 4 Zealots and 4 Dark Templar.

Destroying a second Power Generator will give you 2 Shuttles, 2 Dragoons, and 4 Dark Templar.

Destroying a third Power Generator will give you 2 Observers, 2 Reavers, 3 Shuttles, 4 High Templar, 2 Dragoons.

Destroying a fourth Power Generator will give you an enormous force of 1 Arbiter, 4 Corsairs, 6 Scouts, 8 Zealots, 2 Shuttles.