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  • Cost will be referred to as X/Y. X is the amount of minerals needed, while Y is the amount of gas.
  • There are three damage types: normal, explosive and concussive.
  • Explosive does 100% to large units, 75% to medium, and 50% to small.
  • Concussive does 100% to small units, 50% to medium, and 25% to large.
  • In addition attacks can deal splash damage. Splash deals damage to all units in a certain radius (1/2 damage to units 1/4 pix away, 1/4 to those 1/2 away). Linear splash means that the attack travels in a line.
  • Protoss HP will be referred to as X/Y. X is their hit points, which do not regenerate, and Y refers to their shields, which do regenerate.
  • Some unit's damage will be referred to as X/Y, in which case it means the unit uses different weapons against air and ground. X will be the damage done to ground, and Y is the damage done to air.
  • Some units' attacks are separated into two parts. That means that each hit from an attack gets some reduction from armor. Likewise, all air attacks get boosts from devourer acid spores.

They are as follows:

  • Terran
    • Firebat
    • Goliath air
    • Wraith air
  • Protoss
    • Zealot
    • Scout air+ground
  • Zerg
    • None!



File:StarCraft Medic.gif
Medics front & back in-game

The Medic is a unit added in the Broodwar expansion pack, and is introduced to the Koprulu Sector by the UED's armies. The Medic will automatically heal damaged infantry (as well as SCVs, and Protoss infantry/Zerg units if they are allied with you). They increase the effectiveness of infantry drastically; in fact, they lend their name to the Starcraft slang term "M&Ms", or Marines and Medics (see Marine section for more info on M&Ms). Medics require an Academy to be built. The medic has two additional abilities, optical flare and restoration. Optical flare uses 75 energy, and blinds the targeted unit, reducing the units sight range to 1, and removes detection abilities. However, if the unit has something to spot for it, it can still attack. A unit that was blinded has the label "Blind" in its info box. Restoration takes up 50 energy and is used to remove foreign spells, like parasite, plague, lockdown, or its own optical flare.

The medic is a great tool, if used properly with other infantry. It can restore the health of a friendly biological unit at the cost of 1 point of energy for every 2 health points healed. This increases the life span of an infantry unit in battle greatly thus allowing it to do more damage.

Medics are most commonly used with Marines. This combination is often referred to as M&M's or MnM's. Firebats are often mixed in.

Heals all biological troops for Terran and allies. This includes: Medic, SCV, Marine, Firebat, Zealot (doesn't restore shields, only health), all Zerg troops except for buildings. Casts Heal automatically on nearby units.

A support unit, used with Marines and Firebats. Usually built 1 for every 3 marines/bats.

  • Cost: 50/25
  • Damage: -
  • Energy: 200 + 50 upgrade
  • HP: 60
  • Armor: 1 +1+1+1 upgrades
  • Supply: 1
  • Range: 2
  • Build: 28?
  • Ability: Heal - by default
    • Cost: 1 for 2 health
    • Distance: 2
  • Ability: Optical Flare - blinds target unit forever so its sight range is reduced to 1, that unit loses detector ability and, for Lurkers, its attack range is halved (?). Cast on Protoss Observers and kill opposing Carriers with cloaked Wraiths.
    • Cost: 75
    • Range: ?
    • Developed at: Academy for 100/100
  • Ability: Restoration - heals target unit of all negative spells except Stasis. This includes Lockdown.
    • Cost: 50
    • Range: 2?
    • Developed at: Academy for 100/100
  • Upgrade: Caduceus reactor - +50 energy
    • Developed at: Academy for 150/150

Valkyrie (Valk)[edit]

File:SCB Valkarie.gif
Valkyrie in-game

(Brood Wars Only) The Valkyrie is an air-to-air unit. It's not all that popular but has some use. Typically you build them when you're expecting a large fleet of air units coming your way, particularly Mutalisks and Wraiths. Valkyries do splash damage and can quickly annihilate groups of air units. Through their life, Blizzard has both decreased their production rate and increased their speed.

  • Built at: Starport
  • Prerequisite: Attached Control Tower, Armory
  • Brood War only unit.
  • Cost: 250/150
  • Damage: 8X6E
  • HP: 250
  • Supply: 3
  • Range: 6
  • Build: 60


Dark Templar (DT)[edit]

Assassins, they are endowed with a permanent cloak. They have enormous attack damage, yet little shields/HP. They can merge into a Dark Archon in Brood War. Dark Templar are used as anti-infantry units, and only 3 ground units can survive 4 hits from a fully upgraded dark templar. If one can get 1-3 dt's before the enemy has detection (not to be used against zerg), they can be very effective. In the original game, the player gets a small number of DTs - as well as the DT hero Zeratul - in the Protoss campaign; in Brood War, they are regularly recruitable.


  • Most powerful attack of any infantry unit, and indeed of most units in the game
  • Extremely lethal against enemies with little detection capabilities
  • If support units can destroy detection, enemies are vulnerable to them
  • Fairly easy to manufacture in numbers with a robust economy
  • Can slaughter similar numbers of marines, zerglings, and hydralisks, even when detected


  • Very low health for their cost
  • Enemies with well placed detection will spot them easily
  • Usually useless against Zerg, as a large force will have many Overlords
  • Built at: Gateway
  • Prerequisite: Templar Archives
  • Cost: 125/100
  • Damage: 40
  • HP: 80/40
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 1
  • Build: 50

Dark Archon[edit]

The Dark Archon is created from the merging of two dark templar. It starts out with the ability feedback. Feedback costs 50 energy, and drains the target of its energy and deals the amount of energy drained in damage. Maelstrom, another ability, uses 100 energy. It freezes all biological units in an area for 10 seconds. The most powerful is mind control, which uses 150 energy and drains all the dark archon's shields, but places the targeted unit under your control.

  • If a transport is mind controlled, the units inside it are yours too.
  • You can build the entire tech tree for another species if you mind control a worker. While this allows you to build extremely large armies, you've already won the game if you are in a position to perform this tactic.
  • Merged from: two Dark Templar
  • Brood War only unit; merging two Dark Templar in the original game is not possible.
  • HP: 25/250
  • Supply: 4
  • Build: 20

Corsair (Sair)[edit]

Attacks only air targets w/small neutron pulses. Can also deploy Disruption Webs, which prevent ground units and defensive buildings under the web from attacking. Used mostly for disabling enemy tanks and defensive structures, (with D-web) and hunting Zerg Overlords. Also effective in numbers against Zerg Mutalisks. Medium unit. Be careful of ground units with an air attack, as disruption web is the Corsair's only defense against ground units (which doesn't help much considering its high energy cost). In this situation, it's best to support Corsairs with ground units like Zealots and Dragoons.

  • Built at: Stargate
  • Brood War only unit.
  • Cost: 150/100
  • Damage: 5ES
  • HP: 100/60
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 5
  • Build Time: 40



Lurkers can only attack when burrowed, but have a straight-line area effect attack, making them very powerful against bunched-up units, particularly low HP units like Marines.

  • Created in mutation from Hydralisk after researching it.
  • Brood War only unit.
  • Cost: 50/100 (125/125 including Hydralisk cost)
  • Damage: 20 S(linear)
  • HP: 125
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 6
  • Build Time: 40


Evolves from Mutalisk. Launches acid at other air units that deteriorates their armor, giving up to +9 damage.

  • It's not the Devourer itself that is so powerful, but the acid that comes with it that kills. Never send Devourers on their own, they will be ripped to shreads even by the weakest of air units. Mutalisks and Hydralisks pair well with these, as every time a Devourer attacks, Mutalisks will do more damage with their own attacks. Used in groups of 12, they can shred fleets of capital ships.
  • Created in mutation from Mutalisk after researching it.
  • Brood War only unit
  • Cost: 150/50 (250/150 when counting the cost of the mutalisk)
  • Damage: 25E
  • HP: 250
  • Supply: 2
  • Range: 6
  • Build Time: 40