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StarCraft: Insurrection
Box artwork for StarCraft: Insurrection.
Developer(s)Aztech New Media
Publisher(s)Aztech New Media
Release date(s)
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Preceded byStarCraft
TwitchStarCraft: Insurrection Channel
YouTube GamingStarCraft: Insurrection Channel

StarCraft: Insurrection is the first add-on pack for StarCraft. Although developed and published by Aztech New Media it is authorised by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released on Windows on July 31, 1998.

The expansion's story focuses on a Confederate colony during the course of the first campaign of StarCraft. As in StarCraft, the player takes control of each race in three separate campaigns. In the first campaign, Terran colonists attempt to defend themselves from the Zerg invasion of the sector as well as from a rising insurgency, while in the second campaign the player directs a Protoss task force sent to clear the Zerg infestation of the colony by any means necessary. In the final campaign the player assumes the role of a Zerg cerebrate, moving to crush all opposition on the surface. The expansion only contains new campaigns and multiplayer maps, it does not include new content such as units and graphical terrain tilesets. Insurrection was criticised by reviewers for lacking the quality of the original game and as a result of its lack of success, it is not widely available. Although the add-on is authorised by Blizzard Entertainment, they offer no comment on support or availability of the game.

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