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New units[edit]


Hellions can transform into tougher, slower and stronger walkers with shorter range but the splash damage is wider, and Hellbats require researching at the armory. Do not send these units after Marauders, Siege Tanks, Thors, Roaches, Ultralisks, Stalkers or immortals.

Widow mine[edit]

Widow mines burrow and launch missiles at enemy units and causes major damage in a radius. Has a slow rate of fire however and weak against detectors.

Campaign units[edit]


Basically a modified Goliath but does great damage to mechanical units only.

Modified units[edit]


It cannot be upgraded with its speed boost upgrade but can self heal itself outside of battle. Cannot throw anti structure bombs anymore.


Can now transform into the Hellbat if it is researched at the armory.

Siege tank[edit]

Does not need upgrade to switch to siege mode and tank mode.


Can now switch between two modes, Explosive payload and the Punisher cannons. In explosive payload mode it does splash damage to multiple air units but with Punisher cannons it will do serious damage to single air units but it has a slow rate of fire.


Can now use a speed boost to get to places faster.


Yamato cannons take up 100 energy instead of 125.