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Here are the new units the protoss will get in Legacy of the Void.

New units[edit]


Range protoss warrior that does heavy damage to light units.


This unit has the ability to destroy groups of low HP units but ineffective against heavy enemies.

Modified units[edit]


Can repair itself and other mechanical units with its twin repair drones. In multiplayer it can launch all its interceptors at an area that lasts for 60 seconds before they self destruct. Now the newest patch makes interceptors cost only 5 minerals and the release interceptors ability is removed.


The Tempest now requires 6 psi not 4.


In this expansion pack the immortal now has a barrier that replaces its hardened shields.

Dark Templar[edit]

Can now use Shadow Stride to get away faster.

Also in Co-Op mode and the campaign they have the Shadow Fury ability to wipe out armies of units but cannot become archons or dark archons in the campaign or Co-Op missions.

Campaign units[edit]


This is basically the Nerazim version of the Zealot.


This unit is basically the Purifier version of the Zealot and when these melee warriors die they come back to life.


This unit is the Aiur version of the stalker with a powerful but slow attack.


The Nerazim version of the Immortal that can use shadow cannon to do heavy damage to air and ground enemies.


This Taldarim version of the Immortal can do splash damage to groups of enemies.


The Purifier version of the Sentry that can boost nearby friendly units' movement and attack speed. Can also be used like a regular Warp Prism to warp in units into the battlefield.



The Aiur version of the Dark templar that recalls back to a nearby Dark Shrine when heavily damaged.

Blood Hunter[edit]

This Taldarim version of the Dark Templar can stun its enemies.


The Anti-air fighter from Brood War makes a comeback. It still does splash damage to enemies in the air and in Co-Op missions they can be upgraded to be permanently cloaked.


The Purifier version of the Phoenix that can Phase Out and ignore damage taken once in a while. Can still use the Graviton Beam.


Dark Archon[edit]

The spellcaster from Brood War returns with the ability to confuse and mind control anything except hybrid, heroic units and ultralisks. These Dark archons can only be warped in from the Warp gate and not by merging dark templars.


The siege unit from the original Starcraft returns doing the same thing except it can build scarabs automatically and the scarabs don't cost any minerals at all. Unlike Colossus and Wrathwalkers they cannot be damaged by anti air.


This unit does heavy damage to single targets unlike the colossus.


The aerial support vehicle from the original Starcraft returns and does the same thing.


This unit does bonus damage to armored targets and also hit up to three enemy targets.

Taldarim Mothership[edit]

Like the normal motherships only one can be built. The only difference is this mothership is equipped with many death weapons that allows the ship to attack large armies of units.


Taldarim unit that is often used to keep Alarak alive by sacrificing themselves.


Same as stalker but it has an ability to make it temporary indestructible.

War Prism[edit]

Same as Warp Prism but it can attack air and ground.