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New units[edit]


Anti air flyer that can turn into an anti-ground defense turret. Mostly effective against large numbers of smaller enemy air units such as Mutalisks, Phoenixes and vikings due to their speed and splash damage anti air attacks but not big air units like battlecruisers, corruptors or void rays and carriers.


New ground unit that can lock onto enemy targets and move while firing. Effective against slow expensive targets like Thors, Ultralisks, Immortals etc. but vulnerable to fast moving targets like Mutalisks and zerglings.


Campaign unit that is immune to acidic explosions.

Modified units[edit]


Can now teleport anywhere even to places that are not revealed to the player. Also in the newest patch they don't need energy to use any abilities including its teleporting and Yamato Cannon abilities. Yamato cannons now do 240 damage and battlecruisers can shoot while moving.


Its ground attack does bonus damage to mechanical.


Its auto turret feature does more damage.

Siege tank[edit]

Used to be carryable in siege mode but not anymore.


Its splash damage to enemy air affects a wider area and it can switch to doing bonus damage to armored flyers.


Can be upgraded to fly faster.


Its snipe is replaced by Steady targeting which takes time to fire an attack that does 170.


Got its attack lowered and does two attacks instead of one.