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New units[edit]


Same as the lurker in Brood war and Heart of the swarm only this time have long range. Effective against large numbers of ground enemies but keep them away from any detectors and enemy air power like banshees, mutalisks and void rays.


Evolved form of the Roach. This unit is a siege unit that makes death upon immobile targets like siege tanks, lurkers, photon cannons etc. but still weak to marauders and banshees.

Infested Banshee[edit]

Same as the Terran banshee except it can burrow.

Infested Siege tank[edit]

Same as the Terran siege tank except this one is infested and can only attack while rooted to the ground.

Volatile infested terran[edit]

Same as the infested Terran fron the original starcraft only this one does bonus damage to the buildings only.

Infested Liberator[edit]

Same as liberator only it cannot attack ground units ever.

Infested Diamondback[edit]

Same as a the regular Diamondback but it can bring air units to the ground so it can be attack by ground attackers.

Modified units[edit]


Health increased from 30 to 40.


Can use all abilities while burrowed.

Brood lord[edit]

Range decreased from 11 to 10.

Swarm host[edit]

Swarm Host cost reduced from 150/100 to 100/75 and increased Locust Swoop range from 4 to 6.


Their armor upgrades can go all the way to 7 which is more armor than even a fully upgraded battlecruiser.


It has the new Caustic Spray ability which replaces corruption. Caustic Spray is a damaging ability.

Returning units[edit]


This brood was unit is massive, exclusive to Abathur and it does bonus damage and splash damage to armored targets. Its acid can stack up to 3 times unlike in Brood War.


Same as the one in the original starcraft.


The Queen from Starcraft 1 and Brood War has returned only it cannot infest command centers.