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Note: These cheats only work in the singleplayer campaign and against-AI skirmishes. In addition, using any of these cheats in the campaign will make achievements completely unattainable within the duration of that campaign.

Cheat Effect
basestarsprimative Increases building speeds.
cadeasygoin Loses the current game.
cmethodfeedback Wins the current game.
eyeofsauron All campaign cutscenes are unlocked.
fsbcommunication Increases heal rates.
hanshotfirst Disables cooldown on special abilities.
iamironman All attack, armor, and shield upgrade levels increase by 1.
jaynestown Gives Terrazine gas (not Vespene) in the campaign.
lyingpect Opens the Mission Map; players can view all missions (unlocked or locked) in the game and jump between them at will.
mintmansoperator Removes the supply limit.
moredotsmoredots Units can be produced for free.
overengineeredcodpiece Plays the "Terran Up the Night" song.
qrotero Disables time of day.
realmendrilldeep Gives 5,000 gas.
sawnoutofmemory Removes Fog of War; illuminates the entire map.
smoldersbolds Gives 5,000 minerals and gas.
sosayweall Units and buildings can be produced without prerequisite tech trees.
stroaksmolts Gives 5,000 minerals.
terribleterribledamage God mode: your units become invincible, and do 10 times their normal damage.
tyuhaslefthegame Removes the mission completion criteria. Equivalent to StarCraft's "staying alive" cheat.
wapboinkers Gives extra Research Points.
whysoserious Adds 5,000,000 credits to Raynor's funds in the campaign.
ypoonsvoicemail Removes the mission failure criteria.

The following cheats only work in the Lost Viking minigame found in the Hyperion's cantina.

Cheat Effect
-ADDLIFE Gives one life.
behind Sends a wave of enemies.
-BONUS Ends the map.
-BOSS Forces the boss to appear.
-end Shows the ending cinematic.
-LEVELCLEAR Clears the current level.
-LIFE Sets the number of lives to 10.
-mb Changes the background.
-NOQUIT Hides the "Quit" button.
-pu Spawns a random power-up.
-score x Adds an amount 'x' to the current score.
sine Displays the sine value of several angles.
-ss Displays the "boss incoming" message.