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Jim Raynor[edit]

A super powered up version of the marine with many abilities. His abilities include a sniper round that does deadly damage, grenades that does good against swarms, a chrono rift device and a plasma gun.


  • WOL: Saves Kerrigan from the Zerg.
  • HOTS: Helps Kerrigan defeat Mengsk.
  • LOTV: Disappears with Kerrigan and never seen again.

Tychus J. Findlay[edit]

Born on October 20th, 2468 on Mar Sara, Tychus J. Findlay is a marine who was once imprisoned and then released back into duty. The 6'7" blue eyed, grey haired, 363 lb man has a large record of criminal activity, including: theft, jailbreaking, insubordination, piracy, grand larceny and murder. After being incarcerated, his death sentence was suspended in favor of a lifetime service in the Terran Marine Corp. Unable to change, Findlay once again was punished and sent into cryogenic confinement. With his term of isolation coming to an end, Tychus will again return to the Marine Corp. "Hell, it's about time."

Tychus is a powerful Marine that does splash damage with his chaingun while he is a pilot in the Odin walker.

Fate: Dies due to he secretly serves Mengsk.


The son of the evil Arcturus Mengsk. Later becomes emperor of the Dominion.

Matt Horner[edit]

The captain of the Hyperion.


  • WOL: Helps Raynor saves Kerrigan by protecting the Xel Naga artifact.
  • HOTS: Later helps Kerrigans Zerg rescue Raynor and later dethrone Arcturus Mengsk.
  • LOTV: Becomes Admiral of the dominion and defend Korhal from Moebius Corps.
  • Nova Covert Ops: At first accuse Nova of treason but he and Valerian gave Nova a second chance to prove herself. Later he and Valerian let Nova desert the Dominion after Nova killed Davis.


This guy is a powerful Marauder that can deploy the Flaming Betty.


The strongest ghost unit. Nova can control any enemy unit and has a powerful snipe attack that kills almost all infantry in one shot. She is permanently cloaked, has a powerful nuke that does 750 damage plus an additional 500 to structures.

Nova will be the main character of Nova: Covert Ops.


  • WOL: Told Raynor to fight on her side against Tosh or told the Dominion prison about the attack that will liberate the Spectres.
  • HOTS: Captures Raynor.
  • LOTV: In Co-Op missions she fights off Amons forces.
  • Nova: Covert Ops: The main character of the mission series after the end war against Amon. After killing Davis she decided to abandon the Dominion after she knew the Dominion needs to solve their own problems.


The most deadly Spectre in history. He can stun enemies with mindblast, drain life to gain energy and activate a shield for defense.


If Raynor sides with him they will liberate the spectres and Tosh stays in the Hyperion.

If Raynor sides with Nova then Tosh gets killed off


A Scientist and a super version of the medic. He can heal himselft fast and heals 25 HP per 1 energy.


  • WOL: Helps Raynor defeat Kerrigan
  • LOTV: Requests the allied commanders aid to gather Terrazine after being stranded on a planet


A doctor that cares for her people. If the player picks protect the colony she will give Raynor a goodbye kiss but if the player picks purify the colony she will be infested and Raynor will be forced to kill her.


The general of the Dominion.


  • WOL: Wins against the Zerg.
  • HOTS: Died due to Kerrigan.

Carolina Davis[edit]

Leader of the Defenders of Man. Killed by Nova for attempting to kill off everyone.


Terran Dominion technology specialist that serves Nova and later deserts the Dominion with Nova and her forces.



This protoss is now a mothership commander and a hierarch instead of a scout pilot. In Legacy of the Void he wields twilight blades and can do lightning dash and upon death can revive his health. This protoss is the main character of Legacy of the Void.


  • WOL: In the Overminds vision of the future he dies along with the protoss.
  • LOTV: Was corrupted by Amon when he tries to reclaim the protoss homeworld of Aiur but freed. Then becomes a dark templar by completing the shadow walk on a mission to destroy Shakuras and finally becomes a hero to his people as he make peace negotiations with the Dominion.

Taldarim Executor[edit]

Commands a large and powerful mothership that constantly warps in more protoss units.

Fenix (Purifier robot)[edit]

A Purifier robot that thinks he is Fenix from the original starcraft game. He later changes his name to Talandar.


The High executor that prefers commanding a Carrier.


  • WOL: Either gives Raynor a reward for helping the protoss purify Haven or retreats due to Raynor saves the colonists.
  • LOTV: Corrupted by Amon but later freed by the Keystone.


This hero uses a more powerful version of the phoenix.


A High templar that can restore 50 points of shields and do psionic storms. Was killed by Kerrigans Zerg in the campaign.


This character is now a ghost.


Mohandar commands a powerful void ray that charges its prismatic beam a lot faster than the normal void rays.


Powerful Dark templar warrior known to do Void prison and blink across gaps.


  • WOL: Delivers a warning to Raynor that Kerrigan must survive with an crystal.
  • HOTS: Told Kerrigan to go to the Zerg homeworld of Zerus.
  • LOTV: Dies due to Artanis was corrupted by Amon.


Matriarch of the Nerazim that wields a warp scythe instead of a warp blade.


High lord of the Taldarim that wield destructive powers. In the end of the Campaign he left Aiur to search for a new homeworld for his people but offered his warriors one chance to join the templar. Later when Nova defeated Ji'nara he offered to help Nova against the Defenders of Man. After Nova and the Dominion used Battlecruisers to defeat his Taldarim fleet Alarak became an enemy with both the Dominion and Nova.


Taldarim First Ascendant that is seen in the Co-Op mission Chain of Ascension and later in Nova Covert Ops.


Artanis's war council advisor. During the Legacy of the Void campaign she gets possessed by Amon but in the end she severed her nerve cords to free herself from the Khalas grip.


A robot that is made by the Protoss faction the Purifiers and holds Fenix's name and memories but later changed his name due to Artanis allowing him to do so when the Purifiers are treated as equals.


Protoss Phase-smith that works on the protoss technology of the Daelaam.


Nerazim scout.



The most dangerous hero unit in the game. She can kill any Terran vehicle and aircraft in one attack, she has high health, she has various powers and she can attack air and ground with a psionic blast. Even cloaked banshees are not able to hide from her psionic powers. She is more powerful than Artanis's mothership and shes a one woman army.

Stunning her with the Thors ability and the use of the yamato cannon is your only hope against her.


  • WOL: Deinfested and saved by Raynor
  • HOTS: Got infested again for no reason, saves Raynor to fight the Dominion and finally left Korhal to fight Amons hybrids.
  • LOTV: Becomes a Xel Naga and destroys Amon once and for all.


A massive air unit that is bigger than even Motherships and has a variety of abilities including dropping mutalisks and Brood lord cocoons and stunning groups of enemies.


Rarely seen but it is deadly against every air and ground unit in the game.

Char Queen[edit]

A special Queen seen in mission Belly of the Beast. It makes eggs hatch to cause trouble and it must be killed or the Queen will destroy the Charge planted in its lair.


The current Queen of the Zerg.


Another special infested terran that has abilities of his own as well. Also in Co-Op missions he commands an army of infested terrans including the infested battlecruiser the Aleksander.


Leader of a pack of primal zerg.


The evolution master that wrapped Kerrigan in a chrysalis and turned her into the Queen of Blades in the first place. Now he is a Co-Op missions commander for Co-Op missions.



A zerg and protoss hybrid that possess many abilities and can attack air and ground units. It is one monster that can detect dark templars and only immortals can defeat this thing.

Emil Narud/Samir Duran[edit]

A monsterous shapeshifter that imprisoned Ouros and servant of Amon.


  • WOL: Escapes Kerrigans zerg
  • HOTS: Gets killed by Kerrigan
  • LOTV: Gets permanently killed by Stukov


A Xel Naga that turned Kerrigan into a Xel Naga.


The Starcraft II games true main villain that is a fallen Xel Naga that seeks to eradicate all life across the universe. He Took control of the zerg, use hybrids to take control of Moebius Corps and any protoss that did not sever their nerve cords. In the end he was no match for Kerrigan who became a Xel Naga.


  • WOL: Destroys the universe in the overminds vision of the future
  • HOTS: Was reborn by the Keystone
  • LOTV: Corrupts the Khala and takes control of the Moebius corps and forms an Amon brood out of the zerg on Aiur. Later he gets killed by Kerrigan in the Into the Void campaign.