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A strategy in which you do not start building drones, but you go for a spawning pool instantly. Once your spawning pool is finished you can start popping out zerglings instantly. This tactic is quite risky, because if you fail to do some good damage to the opponents economy, you probably won't stand a chance. However, this tactic allows you to have an attack very early, which makes the probability of the opponent not having a defense yet high.

Roach rush[edit]

Roaches are deadly when massed and used to harass the other players units but beware of marauders and immortals.

Mutalisk rush[edit]


Zealot Rush[edit]

Effective if timed properly against enemy ranged units being built, and only requires the 50 gas needed for warp tech.

Cannon Rush[edit]

Get a forge ASAP and get a pilon and a cannon in your enemy's base

Carrier Rush[edit]


Marine Rush[edit]

Siege tank rush[edit]

Thor Rush[edit]

Battlecruiser rush[edit]