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Required to upgrade vehicle and ship weapons and armor and also needed to build Thors.


Trains infantry. In the campaign these structures can send infantry in drop pods almost anywhere when upgraded with the Orbital Strike upgrade.


Basic defense structure. Can carry 4 infantry and when upgraded they can carry up to 6 troops. Marauders, Firebats, Spectres and Ghosts take up two. Stimpacks can be used while inside the bunker. A good strategy is put 5 marines in the bunker with a medic so when the stimpacks are used in the bunker the medic will heal the damage. This bunker can be upgraded to have an additional of 150 HP, have an autoturret and grants 1 range to anyone in the bunker. Salvage the bunker if its not needed.

Command Center[edit]

The Command Center still serves the role it played in the previous game. It has received the ability to carry up to five or more SCVs inside. In addition, the add-on system from StarCraft has been eliminated; now, Command Centers must be upgraded, and cannot be downgraded, converted, or salvaged afterwards.

Orbital Command[edit]

This immobile upgrade of the Command Center increases its sight range and enables scanning of troop movements through the fog of war (same as Sensor Sweeps in the first game). It can also call down MULEs to assist SCVs in mining, and increases the supply capacity of Supply Depots.

Planetary Fortress[edit]

This immobile upgrade of the Command Center greatly increases its power and grants it weapons to attack enemy ground units. Cannot take on air units and takes 50 seconds to build however.

Engineering Bay[edit]

Required to build Missile Turrets, Sensor Towers, and some upgrades for infantry. Unlike the building in the original StarCraft, the Engineering Bay cannot lift off.

In the campaign, the Engineering Bay is also required to build Perdition Turrets if they are unlocked through the Zerg research path.


Builds hellions, Goliaths, Vultures, Siege Tanks, Diamondbacks and Thors.

Fusion Core[edit]

Formerly known as the Anti-matter Core and the Deep Space Relay, this structure allows production of Battlecruisers and provides research options.

Ghost Academy[edit]

This structure enables Ghosts to be produced and provides research options for them. In addition, it stores Nuclear Missiles for launch. Nukes do 300 damage and a 200 extra to buildings.

Shadow Ops[edit]

In the campaign the ghost academy is often called the Shadow Ops. This structure is Required for both ghosts and spectres to launch nukes and train Ghosts and Spectres.

Missile Turret[edit]

The Missile Turret still detects cloaked and burrowed units and now launches two missiles. This turret can also fire cluster missiles when upgraded and also a boast of HP to its survivability.


Unchanged from StarCraft, other than a reduction in HP from 750 to 500.

In the campaign it can auto harvest gas and go from harvesting 4 to 5.


Deploys air units. Takes 50 seconds to build compared to the Factory and the Barracks which both takes 60 seconds.

Has more health than Barracks and Factories.

Supply Depot[edit]

The new Supply Depot can submerge, enabling troops to walk over it. It is smaller and can be made into an important part of Terran base defenses, preventing enemy units from walking past them.

Sensor Tower[edit]

This structure can detect enemy units at long range, even within the fog of war.


In StarCraft II, Terran add-ons work quite differently. There are only two add-ons which have been described, the Nuclear Reactor and the Tech Lab. Instead of being specific to an associated structure, each add-on can be added to any Terran unit-producing structure (Barracks, Factory or Starport), granting a specific benefit. One structure may only have one add-on attached to it, so it cannot benefit from the Reactor's bonus and the Tech Lab bonus simultaneously.


When added to a Terran structure, this doubles the number of units produced from a building at the cost of extra resources. (For instance, adding one to a Starport will enable it to create two Vikings at the same time).

Tech Lab[edit]

When added to a Terran structure, this enables the production of "higher tech" units. For instance, adding a Tech Lab to a Barracks will allow it to produce Medics, while adding one to a Factory will enable it to build Siege Tanks. The building serves the role of Machine Shops and Control Towers from StarCraft and also provide upgrades.

Tech Reactor[edit]

The best structure when it comes to building high tech units. It can build 2 battlecruisers at one starport etc.

Perdition Turret[edit]

Lowers into the ground when not attacking. Pops up to burn any ground unit that goes near it. It does not do good against Protoss units or ranged units like Hydralisks.

Psi Disrupter[edit]

Slows down all zerg ground units.

Hive Mind Emulator[edit]

Mind controls any zerg units except Drones or hero type units like Leviathans and Queen of blades. Use this structure only on Brood Lords and Ultralisks or when its an emergency. Mind controlling Zerg will count to your supply which includes Mind controlling an Ultralisk will add 6 to your supply.