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In this section you can view all existing game enemies alongside with their picture, attributes, weapons and behavior. This list of enemies is organized by class. Space enemies are arranged inside their class according to their order of appearance in the game's credit sequence, and Land Enemies are further organized inside their class by type.

Note that only normal enemies are listed in this section, to see a list with information about the game's special enemies and bosses, go to their respective section.

Map Icons[edit]

Whenever you are on the Map Screen, you can view the contents of an enemy group by leaving the cursor on top of it. You will then see the total number of enemies in that group next to it's map icon, and the specific types inside it on the bottom of the screen. These are the enemy names alongside their corresponding icons:

SF2 Fighter Icon.png Fighters[edit]

Viewing the ships in a fighter group.

SF2 Moth Glider Icon.png Moth Glider[edit]

SF2 Night Fang Icon.png Night Fang[edit]

SF2 Hal Bird Icon.png Hal Bird[edit]

SF2 Skull Toad Icon.png Skull Toad[edit]

SF2 Sky Kicker Icon.png Sky Kicker[edit]

SF2 Spiral Kite Icon.png Spiral Kite[edit]

SF2 Cannon Bomber Icon.png Cannon Bomber[edit]

SF2 Prison Bow Icon.png Prison Bow[edit]

SF2 Spinner Icon.png Spinner[edit]

SF2 Spinner Core Icon.png Spinner Core[edit]

SF2 Metal Boomerang Icon.png Metal Boomerang[edit]

SF2 Metal Boomerang Core Icon.png Metal Boomerang Core[edit]

SF2 Escort Fighter Icon.png Escort Fighter[edit]

SF2 Virus Icon.png Viruses[edit]

SF2 Brain Spoiler Icon.png Brain Spoiler[edit]

These are launched directly from the Astropolis and make a B-line for your Satellite Defense System (SDS). If they reach your SDS they will turn it against you, charging its laser to fire on Corneria. They are the fasted moving thing in the game, both on the overworld and in a space battle. Only encountered on Hard and Expert difficulty.

If not destroyed before reaching your SDS, they will latch on requiring you to engage in an event similar to a battle on a planetary surface but with more vertical space. The Brain Spoilers will be static and are easily shot down. However, your SDS will be rotating making them somewhat difficult to track.

  • Note: Any time spent charging its laser will be reset upon contact with the Brain Spoilers.

When engaged in space, you only have a few seconds to destroy them before they escape. An efficient strategy with Miyu or Fay is to immediately boost and shoot charged shots, as one hit will destroy them. As long as you can auto-target them you still have a chance to shoot them down, even if the model is not on screen.

SF2 Missile Icon.png IPBMs[edit]

SF2 Planet Missile Icon.png Planet Missile[edit]

Easily destroyed by a charged shot or a few laser blasts. It's health increases slightly based on difficulty and how far into a game you are. Can be accompanied by other Planet Missiles and Spread Missiles.

SF2 Spread Missile Icon.png Spread Missile[edit]

A single charged shot can take out the cluster. Beware not to let a stray laser connect before the charged shot as it will separate the group (hence the name "spread"), leaving you with four independent missiles. Can be accompanied by other Spread Missiles and Planet Missiles.

SF2 Turtle Missile Icon.png Turtle Missile[edit]

All appendages must be destroyed before the core. It is in a perpetual spin and likes to move vertically. It is never accompanied by other missiles or enemies.

SF2 Station Missile Icon.png Station Missile[edit]

The two knobs at the top and bottom must be destroyed before the shaft. It is in a perpetual spin. It is never accompanied by other missiles or enemies.

SF2 Small Planet Icon.png Land Enemies[edit]

  • Walker
  • Scorpion
  • Water Strider
  • Fish
  • Tank
  • Wall Spider
  • Carrier Robot
  • Repair Robot

Land Fighters[edit]

Turrets & Cannons[edit]

  • Turret
  • Turret Generator
  • Wall Turret
  • Floor Turret
  • Security Turret
  • Wall Cannon
  • Column Cannon
  • Door Cannon

Hazards & Obstacles[edit]

  • Rotating Panel
  • Sliding Door
  • Fire Beam


  • Item Flower

SF2 Reserve Battleship Icon.png Battleships[edit]

SF2 Battleship Icon.png Cannon Betrayer[edit]