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Items can be found when you destroy some enemies and structures. You can also find them inside Item Vaults in some land levels.

Stored Items[edit]

This items are stored and you can use them during a battle sequence until you run out of them. You can only carry one type at the same time, so if you collect a different type of item, your previous stored item will be discarded, but if you collect the same type of item you are carrying it will add up to your reserve of that item. All ships come with 3 uses of one of these items (go to Characters to see which one they come with) and they all can be used in both Land and Flight mode.

  • SF2 Nova Bombs.png Nova Bombs : When fired, they travel a short distance from the ship a detonate in a big explosion that will destroy all small enemies in the vicinity and/or damage a Boss if the bomb was fired when its weak spot was vulnerable.
  • SF2 Repair Item.png Repair Item : When used, this item will produce two probes that will surround the Arwing and restore its shield points completely.
  • SF2 Shield Item.png Shield Barrier : This item will generate a force field that will surround the Arwing, making it invulnerable for approximately 15 seconds, and also making all energy projectiles that hit it bounce back, the same effect as doing the Barrel Roll without the shield.

Instant Items[edit]

The effect of these items will be applied instantly after you collect them.

  • SF2 Recovery Item Capsule.png Recovery Capsule : Restores 1 Shield point. Most enemies drop this item.
  • SF2 Twin Blaster Item Capsule.png Twin Blaster : This item will upgrade your normal Blaster into a Twin Blaster Type A (firing two beams.) If you already have the Twin Blaster A (which Fay and Miyu start with) it will give you Twin Blaster Type B. This boosts damage in Land Mode also, even though the shots looks the same. Charged shots also gain a damatic damage boost.

Twin Blaster Capsules can be found on the surface of most planets, but they will sometimes be dropped by enemies. The upgrade applies to your current character for the rest of the game.

Other Items[edit]

  • SF2 Pepper Coin.png Pepper Coins : Pepper Coins are scattered throughout the whole game. They can be found laying around in surface levels or inside objects which can be destroyed. Each difficulty level has its own coins in different locations. Once you have collected a coin, that specific coin in the difficulty level you found it will not appear again, still the game keeps track of the total amount of coins you have collected which can be viewed on the scoring screen after you have finished a game or in the records screen, accessible from the main menu. When you collect a coin it will also replenish all your shields, but apart from that it is not known what the collection of the coins achieves (more investigation needs to be done in this area).