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Control Action Description
Start button Communicator Pauses the game.
Neutral control Walk/Jog/Run/Aim Move Fox/Krystal/Dinosaurs around; tilt it slightly to walk and farther to run. Aim Staff Weapons. Look around in First-Person View.
A button Action Button Use Staff in combat; activate a Sidekick Command; use an item; talk to a Dinosaur
B button Cancel Button Putting staff away, canceling Sidekick Command, exiting inventory
Neutral cstick Inventory Tilt left or right to access a section, and tilt up or down to scroll through the options of that section.
X button Avoid Triggers an evasive action depending on your situation. (Forward roll during exploration and various flips and rolls in combat.)
Y button Assign item/action from Inventory A blank button that you can assign an item/action from the inventory to for immediate access. Press this button when an item/action in the inventory is highlighted to assign it to that button.
Z button First-Person View Look at the environment from your character's perspective.
L button Camera Control/Sidestep Mode Press lightly to center the camera behind your character. Hold it down until it clicks to enter sidestep mode.
R button Defend Trigger a defensive force-field during exploration; Block frontal enemy attacks during combat.
Neutral dpad P.D.A. Display Display maps, information, and a fuel-cell compass.


These should be familiar if you've played Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars if you live in other countries than the US).

Control Action
Start button Pauses the game.
Neutral control Moves the arwing. Up to dive and down to climb.
A button Fires the Lasers
B button Fires a bomb but only if a bomb upgrade has been located within the level.
X button Hold to break.
Y button Hold to add turbo to your Arwing for a brief period.
L button Hold lightly to bank the Arwing and press hard to do a barrel roll.
R button Hold lightly to bank the Arwing and press hard to do a barrel roll.