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This guide reveals the many bosses in Star Fox Command. Strategies to defeating the bosses are included. Each boss has a profile in addition to a fight strategy.

This is what the profile includes:

  • Stage(s): the stage or stages in which the boss is found
  • Pilot(s): what the name of the boss pilot is (if necessary)
  • Ship(s): what the name of the boss ship is (if necessary)
  • Recommended Pilot(s): the best pilot or pilots for the fight

ZaZanga 9[edit]

  • Stage: Corneria - General Peppy
  • Pilot: Zazan
  • Recommended Pilot: Fox

ZaZanga 9 is a pretty easy boss if you know how to deal with it. Make sure you stay behind it. This is the key to the fight. The ZaZanga 9 will make loops often in order to get behind you. When it does, follow suit to regain the upper hand. When the ZaZanga 9 isn’t looping, it will leave a trail of mines in its wake. Avoid these. Even though they don’t inflict too much damage, they can be significantly harmful over time. Use target lock if the ZaZanga 9 is far away, then fire when your shot is fully charged. Keep whittling down the ZaZanga 9’s shields until it crashes.

Death Crab[edit]

  • Stage: Fichina - Oikonny Strikes Back!
  • Pilot: Andrew Oikonny
  • Recommended Pilots: Fox; Lucy

The Death Crab is a nice break after Star Wolf. Approach the Death Crab slowly, firing at its claws when they open. Don’t bother using target lock; speed is more important than accuracy at this point in the fight. Once both claws have fallen off, the Death Crab will take to the air. If you have a lot of time, shoot the new claws off again. They will hack away at your shields if you ignore them. After that, the only source of enemy fire will be the eyestalks. You can roll to deflect their beams, but it’s hardly worth the trouble. Open fire at the eight legs until they have all been destroyed. Each one will give up some fuel when it falls off, making it hard to run out of time in this fight. The Death Crab will then open a hatch on its front, revealing a weak spot. This is where target lock comes in. Since the Death Crab starts shaking once its weak spot has been exposed, lock on to it, then charge up your laser and fire. Keep firing until the Death Crab crashes.

Solar Satellite[edit]

  • Stage: Solar - The Ultimate Weapon
  • Pilot: Zoldge
  • Recommended Pilot: Wolf

The Solar Satellite is tougher than it sounds. First, take out both of the tanks on the sides of the Solar Satellite while avoiding the two massive pink beams that it fires at you. Throughout the fight, the Solar Satellite will release annoying Solar Fighters to attack you. If you focus completely on the Solar Satellite, you should be able to defeat it before the Solar Fighters deplete your shields. Once both tanks have been destroyed, shoot rapidly at the top part of the Solar Satellite. This will angle the beams so that the recoil will propel the Solar Satellite into the lava, damaging it. Keep shooting at the top until the Solar Satellite has been in the lava long enough to be destroyed.

Bio Brain[edit]

  • Stages: Asteroid Belt - The Meteorite Trap; Asteroid Belt - Missile Attack
  • Recommended Pilot: Falco

Before you can damage the Bio Brain, you must take out the four pyramids that surround it. When they form into a straight line and swing around, move to the side in order to avoid them. Since the pyramids are always moving, target lock- especially multi-lock- is useful. Once the pyramids are gone, The Bio Brain will constantly throw globs of itself at you. Keep your lock focused on the real deal, and fire when ready. Ignore the brain bits. Don’t bother listening to ROB throughout the battle. Once you’ve destroyed the pyramids, all he really tells you is that the Bio Brain is the original form of the enemy core.

Devil Shark[edit]

  • Stage:Aquas - Slippy’s Resolve
  • Pilot: Zako
  • Recommended Pilot: Slippy

Fire at the Devil Shark’s head to break up the segments of this robotic fish. When they are broken, a ball will move up and down the length of the body. Fire at this quickly. Though hitting it is the only way to inflict damage, you won’t have much time before the segments reform. Avoid the Devil Shark when it lunges at you. You will always be forewarned when this is about to happen, because Zako announces that ‘no one can withstand his blitz attack’. Be patient, and don’t get frustrated if you use up a couple of fighters. Seeing as this is the last fight before you earn another ending, you won’t be needing them.


  • Stage:Aquas - Octoman’s Ruse
  • Pilot:Octoman
  • Recommended Pilot: Amanda

Shoot down Slippy first. He- deranged and brainwashed as he is- will fly his ship around firing lasers at you. And trust me; it’s really annoying to have a possessed frog shooting on you when you’re fighting the guy who took over his mind in the first place on the ocean floor. After you have inflicted enough damage on the crazy frog, he will come to his senses and fly around for the rest of the fight, asking dumb questions. Guess which one of the containers the Octopod is in, and shoot it. If you’re wrong, a laser will fire at you from the container. If you’re right, the Octopod will be revealed. Fire around its revolving shields while rolling to deflect any ricochets. Once Octoman has had enough, he’ll maneuver his ship into a different container. Repeat until the Octopod is destroyed.

Star Wolf[edit]

  • Stages:Fichina - Fog of War; Fichina - Former Rivals
  • Pilots: Wolf; Panther; Leon
  • Ships: Wolfen; Black Rose; Rainbow Delta
  • Recommended Pilot: Fox

Star Wolf is really hard considering how early in the game you have to face them. It will probably take a lot of tries to beat Star Wolf. There’s no trick. Just lock on to the fighter nearest you, and fire once your laser is charged. If you get too close to one of them, the member in question will follow you. Use loops to turn the tables. Chances are that they’ll imitate you, so you’ll only be able to get in a few shots. Watch out for the exploding mines that Star Wolf leaves everywhere. Even though Star Wolf is pretty good, time is your main enemy in this fight. Try to speed through the preceding level so that you will have a lot of time during your first crack at the rival squadron.


  • Stage:Corneria - Lucy and Krystal
  • Pilots: Enemy Pilots
  • Recommended Pilots: Krystal; Katt

Even though Splitter is a last-level boss, it’s very easy to beat. In fact, if you don’t beat it on your first try with the help of this guide, you aren’t fit to be playing this game. Just get behind the titanic assault ship and hit it with charged blasts. A few fully charged shots will get rid of one of Splitter’s three parts. Splitter’s pilots are so dumb, they will barely even react to you, apart from crying things like: ‘No! The hull!’ when one of the segments is shot down. The only enemy fire is big pink beams directed towards the ground and the occasional barrage of deflectable lasers. All in all, this is an easy fight.


  • Stages:Sector X - Pigma’s Revenge; Sector Y - The Curse of Pigma
  • Pilot:Pigma
  • Recommended Pilot: Falco

Even though Falco’s colleagues in the levels in which he faces Pigma are good too, Falco is the best man…bird…for the job. Shoot the four sections of Pigma’s panels to complete the picture of his face, avoid the freakish pig face that comes at you, and fire at the core of Pigma before he closes up again. If you take too long to create a picture, Pigma will automatically reform into one of the pictures. One of the pictures creates weird rocket-mine things that explode on contact. One of the pictures makes Pigma drop three successive rows of bombs. One of the pictures makes Pigma start shooting fireballs at you (avoid these if you can, but you can roll to get more time too). Keep forming his face and shooting his core until Pigma is defeated.

Killer Bee[edit]

  • Stage:Titania - Wolf’s Plot
  • Pilot:Andross
  • Recommended Pilot: Wolf

Use Wolf. Not only because he is about to betray Fox and Falco, and it may be the last chance you get to use him for a while, but because he has both multi-lock and decent shields. The Killer Bee is probably the weakest of Andross’s monsters. It doesn’t matter whether you use target lock on the Killer Bee or not. The only reason you want multi-lock is the normal-sized bees. Of course, you could probably beat the Killer Bee before the smaller bees get a chance to get any damage in, but it’s nice to draw out your victory by shooting all the little bees before taking on the real deal. You decide.

Dune Worm[edit]

  • Stage:Titania - The Worm
  • Pilot:Andross
  • Recommended Pilots: Slippy; Krystal

The Dune Worm is a freakish creation all right. When it burrows underground, turn to follow it, then shoot at its tail with your laser when it resurfaces. Slippy is nice because his Plasma Shot packs a punch and because he’s got a lot of shields, but Krystal is good too because target lock really helps when a bunch of very distracting boulders are being hurled at you. The key is to get a few good shots in before rocks start flying through the air at you. They damage your shield a lot because once one hits you it’s hard to stop two or three more from following suit. If you’re playing as Slippy, you can take a few hits, but if you’re using anyone else, pull up and turn around before the rocks have a chance to reach you. If you really wanted to, you could also hit the worm’s head, but why bother?

Monarch Dodra[edit]

  • Stage:Titania - Dash
  • Pilot:Andross
  • Recommended Pilot: Dash

There isn’t much strategy involved in fighting the Monarch Dodra. The important thing is that you use Dash. Andross will give his grandson advice on how to beat the monster. Just fire at the two heads of the Monarch Dodra. And make sure to avoid the fireballs that the Monarch Dodra launches at you; they hurt…a lot. Please note: The Monarch Dodra is not to be confused with the King Dodora. The King Dodora is just a strong enemy that only appears at enemy bases on Titania and is always the only core in the group of enemies.


  • Stage:Titania - Andross’s Legacy
  • Pilot:Andross
  • Recommended Pilot: Slippy

Dodging the enemy attacks is a main part of this fight. Trying not to run into the electric walls that rise from the ground while simultaneously avoiding rocks that the big stone ape chucks over his shoulder at you is no easy feat. Basically, if you’re using Slippy, you have a lot of tolerance for damage, so that stuff isn’t as important. That leaves you more room to concentrate on shooting Grunner. Just keep shooting at him and try to turn as soon as possible after he does.

Arrowhead (Asteroid Belt)[edit]

  • Stage:Asteroid Belt - Anglar
  • Pilot:Emperor Anglar
  • Recommended Pilot: Fox

Considering that Arrowhead is the final boss of the ending that you have to get before you get any others, it isn’t so tough. Though Falco and arguably Krystal are both better than him, it feels better if you take down the Emperor with Fox, the leader of the team. Just follow Anglar’s giant ship and take out each of the sections in turn. If you’re either running out of time or just very impatient, you might want to use a bomb or two to destroy a couple of Arrowhead’s sections on the run. Heed ROB’s warnings and stay away from the detached parts if you can. They will shoot rings of energy at you constantly. Once all the parts have been detached, they will create a weird sort of barrier in front of you. The trick is to focus on the head without letting all the parts hit you. Hit each part to fend it off as it approaches you. This will avoid further damage, but it won’t help you defeat the Emperor. Hitting the main section will. Fire at the head part while the roulette system of picking which section will have a go at you next is still going to take Anglar out once and for all. Congratulations; you’ve just beat your first of the nine endings in the game.

Arrowhead (Venom)[edit]

  • Stages:Venom - Star Wolf Returns!; Venom - Fox and Krystal; Venom - Goodbye Fox; Venom - Dash Makes a Choice
  • Pilot:Emperor Anglar
  • Recommended Pilots: Leon; Krystal; Fox

Leon is great for this fight because he has wide lock (which allows him to fire at lightning-speed) and a ton of shield power. But for the three missions where you don’t have him, use Krystal or Fox. They are both pretty balanced. The ship Anglar pilots on Venom is much stronger than the Asteroid Belt version. Basically, just follow under or above it when it retreats into a tunnel. Make sure to be a little ways behind it, then start blasting when it comes out. Avoid the lashing attacks that Arrowhead makes, but keep concentrating on making contact with your laser. It may take a couple tries, but it's worth it in the end.

Emperor Anglar[edit]

  • Stages:Venom - Star Wolf Returns!; Venom - Fox and Krystal; Venom - Goodbye Fox; Venom - Dash Makes a Choice
  • Recommended Pilots: Panther; Falco

Once you experience their leader's strength first-hand, you’ll understand how a race of anthropomorphic fish managed to take over an entire solar system. Panther’s zapper laser unloads a ton of damage if it makes contact, and Falco’s multi-lock lets him hit a bunch of targets at once, but neither of them have good shields, so try to avoid Anglar’s attacks when possible. First, you must shoot the three green balls that revolve around Anglar until they turn red. Watch out for the weird light that Anglar spews at you during this stage. Deflect the big blast of light that Anglar fires at you by rolling, and be ready to roll again in case Anglar counters it back at you. Once this blast makes contact with Anglar, his force field will drop. When Anglar is vulnerable, hit his head appendage as quickly as possible, without bothering with target lock. The balls will turn green again and form into a row. They will emit green searchlights which will lock on to you and shoot you if all three find you. Turn all the balls red again, then repeat the roll-deflection technique to deactivate the force field again. Launch another attack on the head appendage until the force field reactivates. Anglar will now summon row after row of metal bars to block your path while you continue to attack the balls. Focus mainly on the balls, but try not to run into the bars either. Once all the balls are turned red once more, Anglar will return without his force field and attempt to suck you into his mouth. Resist quickly with the brakes, then roll or dodge to avoid taking damage from the barrage of tiles he sends at you. Find time to fire at the head appendage during the action to take Anglar down once and for all. Your only advantage is that there is no time limit. Regardless, you’re still in for one heck of a fight.