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Secret Tiles[edit]

In addition to the six secret ZEGU tiles that you can collect for bonus points, each stage has at least one extra type of secret tile hidden in the stage. Some stages have as many as three. See below for the locations. This table explains each tile, what they do, and how to make them appear in their locations. For some of the tiles you will get the score by simply revealing them, while some need to be collected or destroyed.

Tile Description Instructions
Star Soldier secret Milon.png Find it in stages 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, and 16 to collect 40,000 bonus points. You can only make the Milon tile appear if the digit in the 1000's place is an odd number. Just fire at the position and it will appear if your point is correct. Otherwise it will keep absorbing your shots.
Star Soldier secret Whale.png Find it in stages 3, 5, 8, and 10 to collect 40,000 bonus points. You can only make the Whale tile appear if the digit in the 1000's place is an even number. Like Milon, just fire at the position.
Star Soldier secret Warp.png Warp tiles are located in stages 1, 5, 9, and 13. If you collect them, you will advance three stages, to the next Big Star Brain stage. In order to make the Warp tile appear, you must shoot at it when the digit in the 1000's place and the 100's place must be the same. Then shoot it four times after it appears to activate the warp.
Star Soldier secret 1UP.png These extra lives can be found in stages 4, 9, and 13. They add to your remaining lives. You can only make a 1-Up appear by shooting at it when the digits in the 1000's place and 100's place of your score add up to 10. Then touch it after it appears to earn the extra life.
Star Soldier secret Rapid Fire.png This power up is known as Takahashi's expert thumb, and it is only available in stage 3. If you collect it, you will earn the ability to rapid-fire 16 bullets on to the screen at one time. In order to make it appear, you must shout into the microphone of the second Famicom controller while you shoot at its location, and then it will appear after taking enough shots. In this sense, it is not possible to make it appear in the American version; the programming was not changed at all. On the real NES hardware, there's no way to get around the lack of a microphone, but it can be done using any emulator that allows you to map a control key to the microphone.
Star Soldier secret Laser.png This is the Super Laser power-up, and it is only available in stage 6. If you collect it, you will earn the ability to fire a long powerful laser across the screen. In order to make it appear, you must press Select button while you shoot at its location, and then fire at it 16 more times to reveal it. Notice that the laser is even narrower than your initial shot, and the 16-shot above doesn't affect it, but you can use Select button to switch between laser and normal shots at any time.
Star Soldier secret Nozawa.png This icon is the portrait of Hudson Soft programmer Nozawa who developed Star Soldier. His face can only be found if you make it to the final stage of 16. If you destroy it, congratulate yourself for earning a whopping 2,000,000 bonus points. In order to collect this sizeable bonus, you must first shoot at it's location 9 times just to make it appear. After it's been shot a total of 17 times, your score will sky rocket by two million points.
Star Soldier secret Power-Up.png If you make the Power-Up icon appear, you will instantly be given five-direction shooting and full shields. To make this power boost appear, you must actually fly under each tile's location. You will immediately experience the effects of the power up as soon as you make it appear, since obviously, you can't shoot at it while you are beneath it.

Stage secrets[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

Warp Power-Up
Star Soldier S1 secret1.png Star Soldier S1 secret2.png

Stage 2[edit]

Power-Up Milon
Star Soldier S2 secret1.png Star Soldier S2 secret2.png

Stage 3[edit]

Rapid-Fire Whale Power-Up
Star Soldier S3 secret1.png Star Soldier S3 secret2.png Star Soldier S3 secret3.png

Stage 4[edit]

Milon 1-UP Power-Up
Star Soldier S4 secret1.png Star Soldier S4 secret2.png Star Soldier S4 secret3.png

Stage 5[edit]

Whale Warp
Star Soldier S5 secret1.png Star Soldier S5 secret2.png

Stage 6[edit]

Star Soldier S6 secret1.png

Stage 7[edit]

Milon Power-Up
Star Soldier S7 secret1.png Star Soldier S7 secret2.png

Stage 8[edit]

Star Soldier S8 secret1.png

Stage 9[edit]

1-UP Warp
Star Soldier S9 secret1.png Star Soldier S9 secret2.png

Stage 10[edit]

Milon Whale
Star Soldier S10 secret1.png Star Soldier S10 secret2.png

Stage 11[edit]

Power-Up Milon
Star Soldier S11 secret1.png Star Soldier S11 secret2.png

Stage 12[edit]

Star Soldier S12 secret1.png

Stage 13[edit]

Star Soldier S13 secret1.png

Stage 14[edit]

Star Soldier S14 secret1.png

Stage 15[edit]

Star Soldier S15 secret1.png

Stage 16[edit]

Milon Nowaza
Star Soldier S16 secret1.png Star Soldier S16 secret2.png