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Star Trek
Box artwork for Star Trek.
Developer(s)Mike Mayfield
Publisher(s)Mike Mayfield
Designer(s)Mike Mayfield
Release date(s)
System(s)SDS Sigma 7, HP 2000, Data General Nova
Mode(s)Single player
SeriesStar Trek
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This is the first game in the Star Trek series. For other games in the series see the Star Trek category.

Star Trek is a text-based strategy game written by Mike Mayfield and published through various means. It was written in BASIC and was was often copied to home computers in the late 1970s when the Super Star Trek version was included in BASIC Computer Games (a compilation book containing the code of many BASIC games). Versions for a wide variety of BASICs were available, as well as ports to different languages, platforms, and more recently, the replacement of the text-based display with a variety of graphical versions.

In addition to being tied to the Star Trek subculture, popular with computer experts and programmers, Star Trek is itself a piece of hacker lore. The game was not licensed by the Star Trek franchise, but it was the first game to be widely published that was tied to Star Trek lore.

The game puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission to hunt down and destroy an invading fleet of Klingon warships.

Table of Contents

Star Trek/Table of Contents

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